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Serving our Parkland and Coral Springs community for nearly 50 years, Reliable AC Services is a family company that guarantees dependability and fair pricing. When it comes to your home, business, and especially your family, integrity is important. Partners Steve Lerner, Gregg Browne, and Jonathan Tovar are your Coral Springs neighbors who also specialize in Air Conditioning sales and repairs. Whether you’re a first-time caller or a lifelong client, their professional team of technicians are on stand-by for you. From maintenance agreements to indoor air quality and duct sanitizing, to 24-hour emergency AC repair, Reliable AC lives up to its name. As a homeowner, it’s also important to know the potential utility costs on your home as they will impact your monthly budget; contact Castle Home Comfort Heating & Cooling’ AC repairs in Champaign, IL. for al of your HVAC home options.  For cheap utilities in Edmonton, visit Regional Energy’s website.

Steve Lerner lives in Coral Springs with his wife and two children. Offering commercial and residential maintenance agreements, the company provides a trustworthy alternative to those fickle, faceless appliance warranties. Reliable AC wants to get to know you, your Air Conditioning maintenance goals, whether your air purifiers get rid of dust, and offer you a competitive plan. You can also get an amazing dehumidifier for your home.

Reliable AC Services acts as a guest in your home. JW AC Repair can set you up with a preventive maintenance plan, and energy saving program designed to save you money, more details in this post to learn more about it. In order to maintain home health, they offer indoor air quality and duct sanitizing services. Sometimes referred to as “a flu shot for your home,” Gregg personally recommends the REME HALO. It’s an in-duct purifier that uses groundbreaking Hydro-Peroxide plasma technology to purify pollutants in your home at their source. In addition to any duct cleaning service from Reliable AC, REME HALO can offer relief for sufferers of respiratory problems, like asthma or allergies. Gregg and his partners are so excited about its effectiveness, they will even include a free electrostatic spray cleaning for your ducts with the installation of the REME HALO.

Perfectly effective at this critical time, Reliable’s one-step Whole Home Electrostatic Sanitizing service kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and germs throughout the home. With a broad-spectrum EPA registered disinfectant formula that is free of bleach and other harsh chemicals, Reliable AC’s Botanical Solution is the best choice for sanitizing every family’s home. A heat pump system also reduces your carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat. If you’re planning on getting one, you can check out this list of trusted heat pump installers in Hamilton.

The overall health and lifespan of your AC system can always be improved with the help of an expert from an ac maintenance corona. Even if you aren’t sure which service is right for your home or business, Reliable AC can give you a personalized recommendation like When regular maintenance slips your mind and your unit needs an immediate repair, their team is happy to come to do it any day of the week. They know how brutal the South Florida heat can be, and wouldn’t let a neighbor suffer—even if it’s the middle of the night. From you can find the best portable generator for your home and business. Portable Generators are easy to carry from one place to another because of its smaller size.

Although Air Conditioning is their focus, Reliable AC Services also specializes in refrigeration and household appliance repairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s an oven, a washing machine, or a hot water heater. Most importantly, each client receives high-quality, professional, and friendly service. Reliable AC proudly services all of Broward and Palm Beach County. They are located in Coral Springs.

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