Community Family

Spectator Magazine March 2018 Family in Focus

For the past 16 years, our monthly Spectator magazine has traditionally featured one family in our area. This month, we wish to focus on our own Community Family that is made up of every resident of Parkland and Coral Springs. Consisting of more than 165,000 members, this strong, compassionate family gravitates toward a variety of activities, sports and faiths. A close knit group, they are cohesive in their desire to live in harmonious solidarity with each other.

The recent tragedy at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school claimed the lives of 17 members, causing residents of our fair cities to rally together, as families who love one another tend to do. Stoic after devastating losses, our Community Family has resolved to change the status quo, make a positive difference for their children and persist until laws and policies are changed for every American.

Please join the Spectator in honoring 17 members of our Community Family that were lost on February 14, 2018:

Alyssa Alhadeff

Martin Anguiano

Scott Beigel

Nicholas Dworet

Aaron Feis

Jamie Guttenberg

Chris Hixon

Luke Hoyer

Cara Loughran

Gina Montalto

Joaquin Oliver

Alaina Petty

Meadow Pollack

Helena Ramsay

Alex Schachter

Carmen Schentrup

Peter Wang