Community Sale Fun for Parents

Community Sale Fun for Parents

Shop the children’s consignment savings event where local families get more for less!

Just Between Friends (JBF) is North America’s leading children’s and maternity consignment sales event. The JBF Coral Springs event, held twice annually, has been held for the last 9 years at the Coral Springs Gymnasium. South Florida’s Lauren Maring is the new owner, and her JBF story is inspiring. Lauren and her husband moved from here to Colorado in the summer of 2010 with two small daughters. They had been discussing (and stressing) about how much it was going to cost to clothe all of them for the winter. One day, her husband brought home a shopping pass to the JBF kids’ consignment event in Douglas County, CO. Lauren was able to clothe both of their daughters that first winter for less than $300. She was hooked! She volunteered, consigned, and shopped that event for the next six years.

More than two years ago, Lauren and her family moved back to south Florida. Happy to be participating in the JBF Miramar event, when she became aware that the JBF Coral Springs event was for sale, she knew it was the right time for her and her family to seize the opportunity! She is proud to be part of a company that has helped thousands of families, just in our area alone, to make and save money through this local event.

JBF is an unusual business model in which owners host HUGE community sales events at least twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. JBF Franchises provide people of all backgrounds with the opportunity to own a business that allows them to make money while raising their families. As more turn to embrace the wisdom of resale retail, JBF has been promoting the concept for almost twenty years. Since the beginning, Just Between Friends Events have facilitated donations to hundreds of charities. In 2018, JBF donated more than $7.6 million to family and children’s charities across the country. Lauren believes, “We should ALWAYS be helping others, and we strive to POSITIVELY affect their lives.”

Don’t miss The Just Between Friends Event April 4-7 at the Coral Springs Gymnasium, 2501 Coral Springs Drive. Thursday from 9am to 8pm | Friday from 9am to 8pm | Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 8am to 1pm. Follow JBF on Facebook and Instagram @JBFCoralSprings