Coral Springs Flag…Getting in the Game!

Coral Springs Flag…Getting in the Game!

The school year may be winding down shortly but some families are already preparing for next Fall and that can only mean one thing … Are you ready for some football? A few hundred Coral Springs youths definitely are, and the city program’s board members have been hard at work the past few months in order to prepare.

The Coral Springs Flag Football Club (CSFFC) opened online registration March 1st and will remain available until mid-July, which is the deadline for all player evaluations. Once registrations and evaluations have been completed, games can get underway.

League President Mike Gorelick and his board of directors are excited for what the 2019 season may bring to all involved. “Each year we want the kids to come out to the field and have fun while learning a great sport,” says Mike, who has been on the CSFFC’s board of directors for a decade. “They learn about teamwork and sportsmanship over anything else, and it really is more than just a game because football teaches these kids some valuable life lessons.”

This coming season, like that past, the league will have three separate divisions of play based on age: Freshmen (ages 7-9), Juniors (ages 10 & 11) and Seniors (ages 12-14). As always, both boys and girls are welcome to participate in what Mike likes to consider, ”as close to playing the game of tackle football without actually playing tackle football.” Regarding the 11-on-11 format of play, the program follows, Mike believes, “It’s the same concept as tackle, but not as intense.”

Last year, the Coral Springs Flag Football program had 18 teams spread amongst the three age divisions, in which approximately 200 area athletes took to the league’s home fields at Mullins Park. To mirror the 2018 season, players will participate in 12-14 regular season games, depending on age, followed by double elimination playoffs. Each division will then conclude its respective season with a Super Bowl and All-Star game. To top things off, the league will, once again, offer a coaches game.

Before anyone heads to kick-off, the league gets things underway with its Jamboree, where teams get introduced and participate in a showcase-like game. Various raffles and contests take place, together with many other family-friendly opportunities offered at the pre-season festivities.

As successful as 2018 was, Mike is hoping to keep that momentum going. He says, “I’d always like to get more players out there, but we know there are a lot of other great sports opportunities around town that kids participate in, which is a good thing.” Regarding the 1972-established CSFFC and its longevity in the city, Mike is encouraged about the future when he says, “It’s great to see so many coming back here from year to year.”

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