Dance with a Star!

Ballroom and Latin Dancing Under the Stars Parkland Florida

By Stacy Case

Parkland residents and members of the surrounding communities now have a great opportunity to either brush up on their dance moves or step out onto center stage for the very first time when they walk through the doors of Ballroom and Latin Dancing Under the Stars.

Bringing his newer and younger energy to an area that hasn’t been well-served in the genre, studio owner Brian Oakes is no stranger to the dance industry. He began creating his impressive resume while he was attending college on the west coast of Florida. He wanted a job that would help him pay for school and stumbled upon an opening at a nearby studio. He did what it took in order to become a dance instructor and after a short amount of time, became the top teacher at that studio! As an area star in the dance industry, Brian generated a strong following, owning and operating his very own studio in the Naples area for about 13 years. He recently made the move to Parkland and has since begun to bestow his dance expertise onto students at his beautiful facility.

“Dancing is something anyone can do at any age, socially or for any other reason they choose,” says Brian, who opened his 2,500-square-foot Ballroom and Latin Dancing Under the Stars in early August. “I know how to make it fun and I see how dancing makes people feel.”

As a testament to his teachings, Dolly Scott, who was under Brian’s tutelage for 10 years in Naples, shares her personal experience. “Brian taught me quite a lot about dancing and myself,” says Dolly, who was recovering from a broken back when she met him. “He taught me very gently and understood how to move me when we were on the dance floor.” Instead of just sitting around at home, Dolly was captivated by Brian’s knowledge and manner in which he taught, prompting her to be one of his students for more than a decade. “Dance instructors are like psychiatrists because when it’s just the two of you out there, you talk, you laugh, you joke, you cry, etc.,” adds Dolly. “It was a bit hard for me at first but he really knew what to do and I credit him with saving my life through dance.”

Brian and his team of instructors teach the popular ballroom and Latin styles of dancing, which include salsa, rumba, swing, merengue and more. His studio offers several different promotions for a limited time and it’s never necessary to come with a partner.
Brian and company offer private lessons as well as group classes for both male and female students of every age.

“We have a family atmosphere at the studio and teach dancers of any age and ability,” he adds. Excited to be part of our community, Brian is happy to offer parties at the spacious venue and also looks forward to hosting showcases and competitions with his Parkland following.

Ballroom and Latin Dancing Under the Stars is located at 5913 W. Hillsboro Blvd., (Next to the BJ’s) Parkland, FL 33067. 954-341-6120.