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Déjà Blue… A Family-Focused Mediterranean Style Restaurant

“We fell in love with Parkland,” begins Sabrina Cozzolino. She, her husband Marco and their longtime friend Ignazio Pediconi discovered a commercial space that was perfect for their desire: To create a corner of Paradise, away from the crowd and busyness of the City. Fast forward a few years and the couple feels lucky enough to have turned that vision into a beautiful reality in 2016 when their Parkland restaurant, Déjà Blue, opened its doors to thrilled patrons. Closed on Mondays, the restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Today, they are proud to be serving their community from a casual-chic environment that doesn’t have the pretensions of an upscale restaurant, yet provides a place for everybody to enjoy the friendly, relaxing atmosphere. The centerpiece is a full bar that faces the indoor open kitchen but also faces and serves patrons seated outside on the lake. Déjà Blue is, indeed, the place to “see and be seen.”

The cuisine here is fresh, with menu choices home-made daily and based on healthy choices, balanced diets and local produce. Marco says, “Although our creations have a strong Italian influence, we also feature well-known recipes of the countries facing the Mediterranean Sea and embracing that culture.” Regularly changing menu items to feature specialties and traditional dishes from the French Riviera as well as delicacies from Spain, he adds, “We also include the spices and flavors of the North-African coasts, the Greek islands and the Middle East.” The trio of partners agree that the main idea was birthed to provide a culinary experience using the simplest of products from these charismatic countries.

When you enter Déjà Blue, you’ll immediately feel at home or on vacation…. if you’d like to be immersed somewhere in Europe, with deliciously crusty bread and fresh butter immediately brought to the table. Service is attentive but never pushy. Starter items can begin with tapas for individuals or can be shared by a party of four. Menu selections are often simple with just a few ingredients, but can also be something more complex and involved. Presentation is always beautiful!

The goal of this lovely French hostess and Italian hosts was to recreate the convivial and friendly atmosphere of a Mediterranean Kitchen. Thousands of patrons and reviewers agree; the trio’s dream has come true at Déjà Blue.

“Déjà Blue is a hidden gem, with charming ambience and original Mediterranean food,” said Coconut Creek resident Rachel Smith, whose date brought her there for dinner after a friend’s recommendation.

Parkland resident Faisal Hanafi says, “I have been lucky enough to travel and dine in restaurants around the world and the authentic options at Déjà Blue are second to none. It’s the first place that comes to mind for date night or a night out with friends.”

Make your next occasion even more memorable by enjoying it at Déjà Blue, Parkland’s most valuable hidden treasure.

DÉJÀ BLUE – Parkland Commons Shopping Center, 7805 N. University Drive, Parkland 33067. (954) 345-0128 •

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