Energy, Weight Loss & Aesthetics

2018 is an exciting milestone for East West Physicians. After more than two decades of healing, for this New Year, the focus of the practice is on energy, weight loss and looking good.

When I ask Dr. Howard Newman about initial steps to improving energy he replies, “When someone comes in for an initial consultation, we look at several factors. A lack in energy can be stress related, thyroid related or even hormone related. We work to get to the root of the problem by doing bloodwork, using saliva, administering acupuncture or exploring several other avenues.” Successful because of their functional medicine approach, they are named East West Physicians because they utilize both Eastern and Western medical philosophies. Dr. Newman brings attention to the practice’s logo, the Bagwa, an 8-sided octagon symbol that represents harmonious healing.

Referring to the successful office as a Medical Wellness Boutique, Dr. Newman goes on to explain that in addition to the many services referenced both on their website and in literature, they also utilize stem cell technology, which can be better explored and explained at each individual’s consultation according to their needs. IV nutrition is another available technology that helps with energy levels and nutritional absorption.

Practicing Hormone Replacement Therapy for more than 15 years, Dr. Newman utilizes blood panels, patient interview and further technology to institute a personalized regimen for each patient. Occasionally, the tests that he conducts are ones that are not often utilized in other practices. “I sometimes test for heavy metals. Many doctors don’t want to do that because it might not be covered by insurance, but I have found many patients who are having a problem with high levels. Chelation and other treatments can make a huge difference,“ Dr. Newman insists.

Aesthetic opportunities at East West Physicians range from natural skin care all the way to practices that involve cosmetic procedures including cosmetic injectable(s) such as botox, dysport, fillers, microneedling, PRP all the way to vaginal rejuvenation, laser hair removal and many other choices to improve appearance. “Every one of our clients has a choice, “says Dr. Newman. “They would just need to sit down for a free consultation with one of our Health Navigators, who would point them in the right direction.“

East West Physicians has also teamed up with an orthopedic surgeon and neurologist to further expand their range of medical capabilities. This just elucidates and confirms East West’s identity as a Medical Wellness Boutique.

If any of these treatments or therapies piques your curiosity for achieving better energy, health and appearance, please call East West Physicians at 954-255-9355 to arrange your free consultation. For more info visit our website at