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Global Campus Brings the World to Students at North Broward Prep

North Broward Preparatory School (NBPS) students aren’t limited to what they learn within the four walls of their classroom. As a Nord Anglia Education family of schools, NBPS students collaborate through Global Campus and have access to a wide world of learning opportunities. Global Campus is an online platform where students learn from and interact with one another through shared resources and collaborative work. Global Campus and other Nord Anglia’s partnerships including Julliard, MIT and UNICEF, give students the opportunity to develop global awareness and flex their higher thinking muscles.

NBPS Upper School students aren’t the only global learners. Even our Lower School students are introduced to learning in a global context through Global Campus challenges and learning opportunities offered on the platform. These include forums, discussions, projects, and challenges with Nord Anglia students from around the world in categories such as STEAM, Social Impact with UNICEF and the Performing Arts.

In November, NBPS challenged students from Lower School through High School to participate in a Global Campus Writer’s Corner Creative Writing Competition. Inspired by “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”, by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, students were encouraged to discover their own ‘rebel girl’ and submit an essay to share their research and reasons why the character inspired them through the actions she took to create positive change in the world.

Lower School students were also asked to identify a local ‘rebel girl’ who has advocated or taken action to address a growing crisis we face – Climate Change. Mrs. Jill Landel’s 4th-grade class selected Middle School Science teacher Hope Kennedy who created a Tower Garden at NBP where vegetables are grown and shared with students and even used in the school’s dining halls. For five years, Mrs. Kennedy has guided her classes to the national championship of the Lexus Eco Challenge supporting one team as they shared the positive impact on the environment of eating locally grown food. Students also listened to a podcast, “Climate Changers” with Ryan Flahive, who interviews scientists, activists and educators taking initiatives to address the climate crisis.

Third-grade teacher Lori Roney also extends her classes’ learning through the Global Campus platform. “It’s an amazing platform filled with relevant and engaging resources for students and educators that offers lots of ways to interact with others,” says Roney. “The projects are thought-provoking and allow for student creativity. The real-world connections and access to world class authors and artists is inspirational,” she added.

With Nord Anglia’s Global Campus in their tool kit, North Broward students can open their classroom doors and bring in the world. Through programs like Global Campus, students learn to become critical thinkers today, and will become the thought leaders impacting world change tomorrow.

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