Know Your Health Care Options

Know Your Health Care Options

Raised in Coral Springs, Bryan Velasquez is a father of three who spends his spare time engaged in fun activities with his kids Oliver, 9, Alice, 8, and Jack, 3. He says, “We are always exploring and finding new stuff to do around Coral Springs. I’m all about family.“ Bryan graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, where he was a star athlete and award-winning varsity wrestler. Today, he is passionate about taking care of his family, fitness, and continuing to be a respected, high achieving professional with U.S. Health Advisers.

Bryan has made his life’s focus on others. His concern and passion are for delivering value and helping people better understand their options for affordable healthcare coverage. “Our motto is HOPE, Helping Other People Every day,” Bryan says with quiet conviction. “Health care coverage can be expensive. Our program enables us to help clients from all over the country with better coverage and more providers at affordable prices.“ Bryan is fully licensed and represents coverage in 30 states. In all three time zones, someone with Bryan’s team is available to answer questions in Spanish or English from 8 AM to midnight. Bryan tells us, “It’s really convenient… You don’t have to leave your house. You can be in Montana, Colorado, Florida, or 27 other states and we are fully compliant via webinar. It’s like we are right there with you.”

He explains, “In an industry where rates are skyrocketing, networks are shrinking, and coverages are cut in half, we are able to offer zero deductible, PPO coverage where you can go anywhere in the country with our insurance.” For more than three years, Bryan has been in the top 20 of his company nationwide by helping people navigate and understand their options “about the confusing healthcare market. Many people have no idea how insurance works, and that’s where we are able to educate them.” He tells us that the common market for healthcare (ACA) is based on income and is very expensive. “With our plan,“ Bryan says, “it’s about 30 to 40% less than what you would find through the market. It truly is affordable health care!”

For several years after graduating from Douglas, Bryan worked a variety of jobs, always striving to make ends meet for his growing family. He says, “I was at a point in my life where I had no direction, and felt completely lost. I was 28 years old and married with three kids.” It’s at this point in telling about his journey that his body language perks up and contradicts his quiet demeanor for a second’s breadth. He continues, “I took a leap of faith and went into this with the same hard work ethic and mentality that I’ve always had. Doing this has been a blessing; it really has!“ Making a difference for his clients and others have given Bryan greater peace of mind and a purpose that goes beyond just providing for his family. “I’m at the point in my career where it means so much to be able to help other people and pay it forward.“ He’s made it a mission to give hope to some who have felt unable to achieve their dreams and has built a team of fully licensed men and women, helping each of them too, in turn, assist others in finding the best and most affordable healthcare options.

When you’re ready to understand all of your options, call 954-479-7658 or visit www.ushagent/BryanVelasquez.