Picture Perfect with Dr. Evo Pestana

Picture Perfect with Dr. Evo Pestana

Doctor Ivo Pestana is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in the Coral Springs community and beyond. Very approachable, warm, and informative, Dr. Pestana is a terrific communicator, especially when speaking with his patients regarding their desires, treatment options and results.

His expertise encompasses most every cosmetic and reconstructive procedure. The treatments he is most well known for are rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, facial cosmetic surgery (including blepharoplasty), fillers, Botox, chemical peels, and laser treatments for hair and vein removal. Fractional laser is also available to improve the appearance of the skin. When discussing the many procedures offered in his office, Dr. Pestana turns his concern to the patient and their potential results. He tells us, “The use of neuromodulators (like Botox) and fillers is a good way to avert surgery while having great results and avoiding possible complications.“

He is very passionate about rhinoplasty because, as he tells it, “I enjoy seeing the faces of these young people when we do rhinoplasty. They don’t expect to be that changed. Suddenly, they realize that the feature is nicer than they imagined!” He feels that the majority of rhinoplasty patients have had concerns since before high school. He says, “We are especially attentive to both boys’ and girls’ growth patterns. Girls who have stopped growing and are mature mentally can have rhinoplasty. To qualify for surgery, boys tend to be a little bit older because they keep on growing after their teenage years.”

Dr. Pestana says that women in their early to mid-40s tend to see him regarding breast augmentation and breast lifts after having babies. Some women who have had C-sections also see him for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). He also mentions, “Often they are much more concerned about losing fat here and there, and ask for liposuction.“

Beginning their practices in the 1980s, Dr. Pestana and his wife, board certified in Pediatrics, Dr. Elsa Pestana, have successfully raised their children to also love medicine. Their son, Dr. Ivo Alexander Pestana, is specializing in plastic and micro-vascular surgery and is currently at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their daughter, Dr. Tatiana Pestana, is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Having settled here decades ago, Doctor Pestana tells us, “When we first moved to Coral Springs, it was a small town. It was called ‘The City in the Country.’ We love the quietness, the people are friendly, and we have a neighborhood where everybody knows each other.” Dr. Tatiana enjoyed growing up in Coral Springs so much that she has made her home here as well. Still settled in the same beautiful home where they raised their family, Doctors Ivo and Elsa enjoy spending time with friends and family traveling the world.

Well respected by a large network of medical professionals and satisfied patients, Dr. Pestana’s skill and desire to help new patients achieve the appearance they’ve envisioned are what drives him daily. His smile, reassuring manner and confident communication are sure to encourage and more clearly inform anyone regarding cosmetic improvements, plastic, or reconstructive surgery.

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