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It’s so easy to get out in our community and meet each family that’s involved in the tremendous variety of activities that Coral Springs and Parkland have to offer. Your bright smiles, cute kids, team spirit and family values make it fun for everybody to see, from the sidelines or their desktop, what a terrific time we’re all having in this melting pot of fun we call the “neighborhood.” Whether you are in the game or are a sold-out Spectator, thanks for being part of the action! You love the Spectator and we appreciate you! Please help us reach 5,000 Facebook likes before the end of the year. We are so excited that our social media is blowing up and we’re thrilled to bring you pictures of events from all over Coral Springs and Parkland. We’ve seen you tagging the pictures, commenting on your kids’ cute photos, and interacting with each other about events from all over both of our beautiful cities. If you appreciate what we’re doing in our community, please, please like us on Facebook! We’ve got a goal to reach and we know we can count on YOU to help us get there! Thank you for all you do, and for being a beautiful community of friends and neighbors that make us all look so great! Check out the New Albums







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