Smokin’ Hot BBQ

Smokin’ Hot BBQ

One of Deerfield’s most popular restaurants has recently opened a new location in Coral Springs… And it’s all about serving the most delicious barbecue in South Florida! Founded by Pompano native, Jarael Holston, Fat Boyz Barbecue began with his passion and love for smoking mouthwatering meats and creating the sides that complement them best.

A friendly and engaging veteran of the US Army, Jarael says, “The military taught me principles, morals and values that I don’t think I could have gotten from any other organization. It has played an integral part in how our business operates.” His adventure in food was turned into Fat Boyz when he suggested doing a cookout at his church. The feedback was so amazingly positive that friends, family and coworkers at his logistics day job insisted that his talent was better invested by serving others. What began as a food truck became the successful location that is the little (1500 square feet) red caboose at 204 South Powerline Rd., Deerfield Beach, across from quiet Waters Park.

Today, that success has grown exponentially and Jarael is excited that their second location at 6192 W Sample Road in Coral Springs has prospered since the doors opened. Located next to Aldi market, the 2800 square foot restaurant will soon feature an area for live entertainment, dancing, televised sports and liquor.

If the food wasn’t amazing, people wouldn’t be flocking to both locations. Positive reviews are prolific, and Jarael and his lovely wife Yolanda feel blessed at how quickly the popularity of Fat Boyz has grown. From the moment you enter, you’ll be greeted with, “Welcome to Fat Boyz!“ Enjoy feeling like a valued guest as you peruse the menu and order whatever tickles your fancy… This place is replete with satisfying choices! Portions for everyone are more than ample, and surprises are abundant. You definitely have to try the corn nuggets! And make sure you ask what else might be available just in case it isn’t on the regular menu. We were happy to find that fried okra was being served one of the days we popped in.

Welcome to the family! Chances are good that many of those who are serving you are members of the Holston family, and they will make you feel completely at home. All first responders and military veterans are given special consideration.

The Coral Springs restaurant is open seven days a week, and Deerfield is open every day except for Sunday and Monday. Fat Boyz still has that food truck available for events. Need catering? The Fat Boyz experts look forward to serving their delicious barbecue at any gathering, whether it’s just a few friends or a multitude!

With two delicious locations to feed your barbecue cravings, make sure to feel like family at Fat Boyz barbecue! Please see the ad on facing page or visit