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The Spectator has been a staple and trusted resource delivered directly to Parkland and Coral Springs families. This complimentary publication is also delivered to popular businesses throughout both cities and neighboring communities.

About Us

“Old friends are best,” and for many longtime residents of Parkland and Coral Springs, the Spectator magazine is an “old friend” that has faithfully arrived in their mailbox once a month for the past 17 years. Residents recognize the familiar face of this much-loved magazine as a complimentary family resource they can trust to give accurate, current information. The Spectator offers community calendars, and information about upcoming family and sporting events, thus increasing community participation. Articles include those written by highly qualified local professionals and are interesting and educational. Hometown news is also featured together with articles highlighting local businesses. One of the favorite Spectator columns is Family in Focus, which features a local family and allows the community a glimpse into the lives of some of their neighbors, helping to make a large town feel a little bit smaller.

Additionally, The Spectator is delivered to popular businesses throughout the cities and neighboring communities and has been a welcome resource in both libraries and City Halls since 2002.

Conveniently, the entire magazine is also downloadable from the interactive website MySpectatorOnline.com. The Spectator E-mail Club delivers exclusive savings to members every month, keeping them informed of special promotions and featuring articles that will benefit both them and their family.

The family-owned Spectator magazine has earned its place as the number one family resource magazine in Parkland and Coral Springs. Its longevity is in part due to its publishers being residents of the cities they feature, frequenting the businesses they advertise and forming personal relationships with their clientele.

Key benefits when you partner with the Spectator

• Published monthly for more than 17 years.
• The number one trusted family resource
• Direct mailed monthly to 20,000 homes in Parkland and Coral Springs
• Demographic – high-income homes with children
• 3,500 copies distributed to local businesses, gymnasium, City Hall, etc.

Online presence

• We embrace technology and help implement it to best serve our clients.
• For you, we offer a landing page on our website with article key tagging, video placement
and hot links to help increase your brand’s online presence.
• Social media posting of articles
• Email database of over 22,000 local addresses

Strategic Partnership

Having been in business for almost two decades, we are well established in both Coral Springs and Parkland. We are up to date on the many community activities and will align you with events and business partners that would be mutually beneficial.


We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to create an effective marketing package that will give them the best brand exposure and return on their investment.

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