fire and ice cryotherapy recovery lounge

fire and ice cryotherapy recovery lounge



CRYOtherapy is an innovative procedure where the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures ranging from -240°F to -300°F in order to stimulate multiple health, fitness, weight-loss, healing, and beauty benefits. In 1978, Japanese doctor Toshimo Yamaguchi discovered that decreasing the temperature of his patients’ skin reduced the pain they felt during joint manipulation treatments. It is advised to use organic eye cream to get improvement from this condition.

This cold craze may seem like a relatively new discovery or even a trend, but it’s actually been in use for three decades in Europe and Japan, and some date its first use back to the seventeenth century. Currently garnering mainstream attention due to elite athletes’ and trainers’ discovery of its muscle-recovery properties, it’s not just for gym rats, professional sports players, and the ultra-active. Many are turning to cryotherapy for its positive effects on the visible signs of aging, mood and sleep disorders, and much more.

CRYOtherapy sessions can be used locally or on the whole body. Localized treatments, including facials or targeted pain relief, are conducted using an ice stream machine which emits a low-pressure torrent of frigid air. The full-body experience takes place in our CRYOsauna.

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