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Practice, Game, and Fun in One!

By the time most parents have made decisions regarding their child’s early education, many have also considered involving them in organized sports. One look at the many choices available can often leave a family with more questions than answers. Before allowing uncertainty to quash your hopes of weekends at the field, consider i9 Sports, the perfect introduction to organized athletics. With a convenient, one day a week format, each team’s practice is held just prior to the game. Parents are given the ability to enjoy more time with their child during other parts of the week, rather than shuffling them around to practices.

Parkland and Coral Springs i9 Sports Director Justin Cheresnick grew up in Coral Springs, the son of a well-known pediatrician. He is happy to be settled in his hometown with his wife, Noelle, and their two children, 3 and 5 years old. After making the decision to leave a successful position in the corporate world, he became involved with i9 Sports after coaching his son’s teams and seeing how much the kids, coaches, and parents enjoyed the encouraging structure of the league. “It’s all age-appropriate competition,” Justin tells us. “The youngest children should be out there playing, learning the game and having fun with their friends.”

When it comes to joining a team, Justin says, “We don’t have tryouts. We aren’t singling kids out from the get-go. Our goal is for these younger ones is to get outside and have a good time, with their parents enjoying it and seeing the benefits.” Sports featured run for 7 week seasons (4 times per year). In Parkland, offerings are T-Ball, Coach Pitch Baseball, Soccer, Flag Football and ZIP Lacrosse. Coral Springs has the same sports except ZIP Lacrosse, but includes an indoor basketball league that meets at the Coral Springs Charter School on Sundays. Enrollment can be in any league in any city regardless of residency. Justin adds, “Because we play 4 times a year, 7 weeks at a time, it’s an excellent opportunity for kids to try all of the different sports. That way they can figure out what they like the most.”

One of the perks of being involved with i9 Sports is that competition is not the focus for newcomers. Having a great time playing, learning the FUNdamentals of the sport, and understanding the dynamics of teamwork and sportsmanship are the focus for the youngest players. “For the little guys, it’s really great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, social skills, teamwork and learning how to help and root for others,” Justin says. Separated into 3 age groups, Pee Wees (age 3+), Juniors (Elementary School) and Seniors (Middle School), each division is coached with their capabilities in mind. Justin hopes to move the older age groups toward a play-off structure as the league grows.

The i9 Sports mission has always been about teaching the game through a series of repetitive drills, team building exercises and equal playing time to develop each player’s skills in unique ways. Winning is NEVER the main focus at i9 Sports, but age-appropriate competition is allowed. There is always an encouraging focus on skills attained and good sportsmanship. Justin tells us, “One of our main tenets is to provide an environment that is fun, safe and convenient, the way youth sports should be.” Happy to be doing what he loves in a position that positively impacts other families, Justin concludes, “It’s home, I grew up here, and it’s really awesome to have the opportunity to be involved with the youth of this community.”

Find out more about i9 Sports league offerings, sign-up dates and more! Call 954-227-9955 or visit wwwi9sports.com.

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