What's the Right Age for Children to Get Contact Lenses? Is your child ready?


By Dr. Gary Goberville

Many Children are ready around 10 years of age. If you think the answer may be yes, as a parent, you must first ask these 3 questions.

1) Does your son/daughter really want them?

2) Are they persistent enough to learn to touch their eye to put the contacts on?

3) (and most important) How well does he or she handle other responsibilities? Ask yourself this: Does your child regularly do assigned tasks like making his bed, cleaning her room, brushing their teeth without needing to be reminded (at least not very often)?

With the improvement of daily contacts, which are the only contacts I will fit children, we can greatly improve complications and eye infections ensuring good health and eye comfort.

If all these criteria are met, then you have some assurance that a visit to the eye doctor for your child’s contact lens evaluation should be a successful one.

For kids, contacts lenses can have these important benefits:

  • Better optics -­ for better vision – than eyeglasses. This is especially true of some types of contacts (for example, rigid gas permeable lenses).
  • Better peripheral (side) vision.
  • Improve your child’s self-esteem. Many children would rather not wear eye glasses at school. They may think they look “funny” or “different.” Some  children find themselves victims of other children’s teasing. The change in appearance with wearing contact lenses can give a big boost to a child’s self esteem. This might lead to better school performance and friendships.

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