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Claim Your Healthcare Stimulus!

Apple Insurance & Florida Blue are proud to announce the new Special Enrollment Period and the American Rescue Plan and what they mean for you!

The Special Enrollment Period is an executive order from President Biden and his Administration, giving consumers an opportunity to enroll in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan of their choice beginning February 15th through May 15th. You can find the right ACA plan for you and your families with ways to reduce your premiums and to have coverage in such an uncertain time.

The American Rescue Plan gives all Floridians an opportunity to come into the Marketplace and enroll in plans between now and August 15th. It is also a chance for new people to come into the Marketplace. Anyone who is already enrolled in a Marketplace plan will have the opportunity to look and get enhanced Advanced Premium Tax Credit, therefore, offering additional premium relief. Our agents will work with new and existing members by updating their eligibility file to re-calculate their Advanced Premium Tax Credit and apply it either to their existing plan to lower their current premium or to select a new plan. The relief amount, in the form of an additional Advanced Premium Tax Credit, is going to vary by your county, plan, and age of individuals on plan.

How does this work? Example – Let’s just say a family of four consisting of two 40 year old adults with 2 dependents, living in Broward, making around $40,000, could qualify for a $0 monthly premium plan. This same family could take a very small percentage of that savings and add dental for their entire family, an accident plan for their kids, hospital indemnity products as well as critical illness policy that provides further protection without spending additional dollars out of their pocket. One best advice is to hire San Antonio law firm for auto accidents, for any types of auto accidents.

How do I get extra money? We love when our members ask this question! On top of these American Rescue Plan savings you might be eligible for now, there is also our Rewards Program, by which you can earn up to $500 in rewards for every member on your plan, over the age of 18. If your premiums are less than $500 or already paid up for the year, that money is converted into gift cards that can be used for other medical expenses.

Apple Insurance, a leading Florida Blue agency, strives to protect you medically and financially in all aspects of your life. Our goal is to guide you through your different insurance options while helping you navigate life’s constant changes. We are a full-service insurance agency, offering an array of coverage: Health Insurance, Additional Policies, Medicare, Group Insurance, Retirement, renters, homeowners, automobile, watercraft, and even pet insurance.

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