Doctor Couple Welcome Baby at Maternity Place

Having a baby is a life-changing experience that can be magical and joyous but also overwhelming for new parents — even when the new parents are doctors who deliver babies themselves.

Just ask Kimberly Bernard, M.D., and her husband Luis Santiago, M.D., both obstetrician-gynecologists. They welcomed their first child in January 2023 at the Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs, a hospital at which they both delivered babies for patients.

For their baby’s delivery, the first-time parents decided they wanted Dr. Santiago to be able to just focus on being a Dad and supporting his wife. They knew they would be in good hands with their partner Marsh McEachrane, M.D., who chairs obstetrics and gynecology at Broward Health Coral Springs, as their doctor.

Dr. Bernard had a healthy pregnancy until she began experiencing cholestasis, causing elevated liver enzymes. This made it medically necessary to induce labor at 37 weeks. Everything went perfectly when Dr. McEachrane delivered their baby, a healthy 7-pound, 3-ounce baby boy.

“Every baby is a miracle but delivering the baby of my friends and partners was definitely a unique and special experience,” Dr. McEachrane said.

While they were already familiar with the hospital, having their baby at Maternity Place gave the couple a new appreciation for the level of care and support services offered.

“Now I can truly vouch for how attentive and compassionate the nurses and staff at Maternity Place are with their patients,” Dr. Bernard said. “I think I called them three times during the night after my delivery, and they were always supportive. The lactation specialist was also exceptional to work with.”

Dr. Santiago added that even though they are doctors, they are new parents as well.

“We found the information and recommendations from the care team at Maternity Place to be invaluable,” Dr. Santiago said. “It was a great experience.”

Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs

The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs provides comprehensive and highly specialized obstetric and pediatric care, including expert care for high-risk pregnancy needs.

The staff focuses on ensuring moms and babies are as comfortable as possible. Starting with childbirth concierge services, patients are guided through maternity registration and enrollment for classes and tours. Some of the specialized in-hospital services and accommodations for patients and their families include:

• A dedicated 24/7 maternity entrance
• Private labor delivery recovery (LDR) suites
• Private mother/baby rooms with sleep accommodations for partners
• Lactation support
• Level II neonatal unit
• 24-hour on-site anesthesia and OB hospitalists
• Couplet care in which mother and baby stay together from childbirth to discharge. Couplet care is an evidence-based best practice that facilitates family bonding, supports successful breastfeeding and enhances the experience of childbirth.

For more information, visit or contact the hospital’s Childbirth Concierge at 954-344-2229 (BABY) or

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