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Enroll Now!… Don’t Overpay For Your Family’s Health Coverage

From now until December 15, It’s time for annual open enrollment, the only time of year that people can begin a new ACA Marketplace healthcare plan. In Florida, all ACA plans are HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), where you must agree to have a primary care provider (PCP) who manages your care. Bryan Velasquez and his US Health Advisors team are successfully informing individuals and families regarding their options, including PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans that can save people 30 to 40% off of ACA Marketplace rates. He says, “HMOs tend to have much less coverage and more restrictions. PPOs are more flexible and provide greater coverage. They enable you to choose your own doctors.”

Bryan’s focus is about others; delivering value and helping people better understand their choices for affordable healthcare coverage. “Our motto is HOPE, Helping Other People Everyday,” he tells us assuredly. “Health care coverage can be expensive. Our program enables us to help clients from all over the country with better coverage and more providers at affordable prices.“ Bryan is fully licensed and represents coverage in 30 states. He explains, “Many people have no idea how insurance works, and that’s where we are able to educate them.” He tells us that the common ACA marketplace is based on income and is very expensive with high deductibles. “The majority of the country overpays for health insurance whether it’s the premium or the deductible. What we are able to do is offer zero deductible PPO plans with premiums of about 30 to 40% less than the marketplace. It truly is affordable health care!” People can also visit GYN clinic Forest Hills to get the best healthcare treatment at affordable deal.

Bryan elaborates, “In an industry where rates are skyrocketing every year, networks are shrinking, and coverages are cut, we offer coverage where you can go to any doctor, specialist or hospital anywhere in the country with our insurance.” Rest assured that Bryan’s expertise has put him in the top 1% of his company nationwide, and he enjoys helping people navigate and understand their options about confusing healthcare decisions.

In all four time zones, Bryan or someone with his high-energy team are available to answer questions in Spanish or English from 8 AM to midnight seven days a week. He tells us, “It’s really convenient… You don’t have to leave your house. You can be in North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, or 27 other states and we are fully compliant via webinar. We are right there with you.” He says the average amount of time to complete the policy is about 30 minutes.

It’s that time of year! Make no mistake, a phone call to US Health Advisers and Bryan‘s knowledgeable team is sure to give you a clear picture of your family’s options for the most affordable quality healthcare resulting in a lasting peace of mind.

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