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Family Dining

Sabrina Cozzolino Is one of the many stars of the show at Parkland’s popular Deja Blue Mediterranean restaurant. With an incredible interior design that spills onto the spacious deck overlooking a gorgeous lit water feature on a lovely lake, the restaurant has become a staple for people to enjoy the fabulous food and electric atmosphere.

“So much happens around the table and in the kitchen basically around food” Sabrina says, “but it’s all about the moment, the atmosphere and the People you share a meal with. We hear a lot that stepping at Déjà Blue feels like stepping in a home and for many we literally are in their backyard!” Everything she says is spot on! When entering the restaurant, you are immersed into the world of the Mediterranean culture and invited to become part of the family.

Deja Blue has always been involved in charitable giving. Co-owner Sabrina tells us, “We are proud to serve our community and would go above and beyond to help the less fortunate “Yes, we give back, but we also receive a lot! From encouraging and supporting residents of SOS children’s Village, to  local families in need, feeding the  homeless, and giving back in all kinds of other areas that benefit our community as a whole.”

Sabrina sees the community as much more than just Parkland. She says, “Parkland  is a hidden gem and, although Deja Blue started as its best-kept secret, we are now excited to serve guests from Palm beach to Coral Gables”

Open in 2016, Deja Blue was created by Marco Cozzolino & Ignazio Pediconi, a childhood friend. Marco and Sabrina settled in Parkland in 2008 with their three children. She emphasizes her point, “Not only do we work here, but we live in this community, and appreciate all that it brings.” Ignazio, thanks to his very I-tech expertise and to the time difference, is the perfect partner to help manage this successful business from the comfort of his home in Italy.

Focused on special events throughout the year, Sabrina tells me, “This is where memories are made, and our  attention to detail is very evident whether it’s a 100th birthday celebration, a Bat Mitzvah, a 250 guest wedding or a celebration of life; we make sure that  each event is spectacular.”

One of the main things at Déjà Blue is a true sense of family. Every person working there is part of a unique bond. Sabrina loves every member of their team and tells us, “Whenever I am interviewing someone for a job here, I ask them if they are ready to join a new family. We have such a strong team,” she continues. “Each of them has contributed  to the success of Deja Blue and we have the utmost respect and love  for them.”

For more information please see or call and make your reservation at (954) 345-0128

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