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Fitwize Mission:

Our Fitwize Mission is to be a force for good by empowering the youth of today and tomorrow, teaching them the life-long benefits of staying fit, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

Fitwize 4 Kids is a rapidly growing South Florida based company, with locations throughout the U.S. Our charter is to empower the youth of today and tomorrow in building healthy lifestyles that support a balance between kids fitness and nutrition. Childhood Obesity and inactivity is on the rise and we will be at the forefront to battle this epidemic to accomplish our Fitwize mission.

We offer fun and innovative fitness and nutrition programs for kids between the ages of 5 to 15 that build self-esteem and stronger bodies. Fitwize 4 Kids has developed their world class youth fitness and nutrition programs through working with thousands of actual kids walking through our doors from around the country. There are various types of child specific programs that have been developed which are a combination of getting the kids used to an active lifestyle as well as honing some character skills in them. This is done by exposing them to our circuit training, sports conditioning, awesome classes and activities. Involving your kids in group activities is very beneficial; there are a lot of positive outcomes from these types of programs.

Our vision:

To provide the world with a safe, organized and clean youth fitness facility, where kids can have fun while getting fit!


The need for a worldwide solution is apparent

The growing trend of childhood obesity and inactivity is not isolated to the United States; other countries are rapidly catching up. More than 20% of European youngsters between the ages of 5 and 17 are either overweight or obese. Asia lags behind the U.S. and Europe in its obesity statistics, but Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines have all reported troubling increases in childhood obesity in recent years. In China Up to 10% of China’s 290 million children are believed to be overweight or obese, and that percentage is expected to double a decade from now.

For more statistical information on childhood obesity in 2015 go to: healthyamericans

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