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If you’ve ever had property damage, then you know what it’s like to deal with insurance companies. Many homeowners assume that they need to take what they are offered … Which is completely untrue! Having someone in your corner to negotiate difficult situations is as easy as a phone call to the experienced team at Five Star Claims Adjusting.

Luciano Assuncao began a career in public claims adjusting just after Hurricane Wilma in 2005. He tells us, “A good friend was helping homeowners and business owners who had suffered damage to their property and were not properly compensated. For my first five years as an adjuster, that’s all we focused on. In my mind, we were fighting for the homeowner against the big insurance companies.“

He continues, “Most homeowners don’t realize that they can hire a professional to represent them when they have a claim. A public adjuster is the ONLY professional licensed to assist a homeowner with their insurance claim. People incorrectly believe that the insurance company’s assessment is final, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work.“

“If you brought five contractors to your property to give you a quote for a particular job, each contractor will give you a different price,” Luciano outlines. “Different contractors will approach the project from different directions. At the end of the day, we are doing that with the interest of the policyholder, not the insurance company.”

It sounds fantastic, but what will it cost me? Surprisingly, very little! Luciano says, “Public adjusters are licensed and heavily regulated by the state of Florida. They set all of the guidelines for us regarding compensation. We are allowed to receive up to 20% of the claim on a contingency basis, and there is NO COST at all if we fail to deliver a settlement.” If there is an event that has been declared a state of emergency, the fee is reduced to 10% if claimed within the first year.

If you believe a past claim of yours was settled unfairly, reach out to Five Star, and one of their adjusters will be your main point of contact throughout the entire process. Luciano tells us, “We are there for everything from the scope of work all the way to negotiating a settlement, and bringing it to the homeowner.”

Luciano reminds us that if a homeowner doesn’t have someone representing them, they can be sure that the insurance company has someone looking out for their own company‘s best interest. “When a homeowner leaves it up to the insurance company, I can definitely say they are at a disadvantage. I’ve never walked into a home where the homeowner went through the process themselves and, when I reviewed the claim-summary, that I wasn’t able to find some thing that they missed or did not properly address.

“One thing we offer is a complementary inspection,” Luciano says. “A homeowner might see a spot on the  ceiling and think it’s not big enough to bother with. We are happy to look at any anomaly and advise the homeowner if what they are seeing is worth filing a claim for.”

Five Star employs more than 100 public adjusters, estimators and assistants solely focused on proper compensation for its clients, yet each client will likely only interact with their personal public adjuster, which makes it hassle free and simple. With offices throughout Florida, Luciano’s Main office is in Oakland Park, from where they serve Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties.

There are many inspiring stories of clients who have been made pitiful offers by their insurance companies and then been compensated greatly after engaging Five Star. Luciano shares, “We had a homeowner file a claim himself in Palm Beach. They had water damage to the kitchen, which included wood floors that ran throughout the house. The insurance gave the homeowner a settlement of $5300. I went to the house a few weeks later to review the policy, the damages, and take over the case. I was able to resolve it for $95,000 on top of the money they were already offered.”

We live in Florida! Sudden wind storms, lightning, plumbing leaks, and roof damage are very common. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance, but what we need to do is ensure that we are getting every dime we are entitled to! A simple call to Five Star Claims Adjusting can reduce your stress level and get you fair compensation!

For more information please call 954-483-4688, visit www.fivestarclaimsadjusting.