Get Back In Your Game with Buzzards Men’s Lacrosse Club

By Ashely Ferraro

Who said the fun has to end when you grow up? Certainly not Buzzards Men’s Lacrosse Club! The organization was built on the foundation that lacrosse, the nation’s fastest-growing sport, can and should be enjoyed at any age. Whether your kids play lacrosse, you have a background in athletics yourself, or you’re simply looking to pick up a fun new hobby that will allow you to keep active and get involved with your community, look no further than the Buzzards!

The idea behind the Buzzards was born a decade and a half ago at Pine Trails Park. A group of youth lacrosse coaches wanted to devise a way to play casually alongside their kids on Sunday mornings. Well, the concept became so popular that the kids had to step aside for the adults to take over and create an organization of their own. Men from all athletic backgrounds, many of whom had never touched a lacrosse stick before, started borrowing their sons’ equipment and would come out to play with the Buzzards.

The Sunday morning tradition still stands today, with open runs typically held weekly from 9-11 AM at various fields in the area, such as Pine Trails Park, Mullins Park, Coral Springs Sportsplex, and Wellington High School. These open runs are informal gatherings of adults that come out and play pick-up lacrosse games without the pressure of intense competition.

The Buzzards’ manager Mike Macleod notes that all ages are welcome and that they have regular attendees of all ages up to eighty years old. “We have an 82-year-old that comes out to play,” he says. “We’re all out on the field at one time, and we all respect each other.” The Buzzards only ask for a $5 donation per player to help cover the costs of field permits.

Sunday mornings are for lighthearted fun and camaraderie. However, the Buzzards get serious about their game, too. The official Buzzards Men’s Lacrosse Club plays locally and travels around the state of Florida for tournaments to compete with other adult lacrosse clubs, followed by a championship playoff.

The Buzzards are a part of the Florida Lacrosse League, which classifies two divisions for adult club lacrosse: the Open Division, which consists of players eighteen years and up, and the Master’s Division, for those older than thirty-five.

The Buzzards Men’s Lacrosse Club offers several leagues throughout the year that are open to new members based on availability. There are no tryouts, and all skill levels, even beginners, are welcome to join and see what all the buzz is all about. You’ll learn lacrosse foundations, enjoy competition, and build relationships with like-minded men in your area. If you’re interested in registering for an upcoming Buzzards league, contact Mike at 954-540-8970.

To find out where the next Sunday morning open run will be held, please visit and request to join the group. Any important Buzzards updates are shared regularly on this page. You can also visit for additional information.

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