Nick and Debbie Nelson of Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization

Loving Every Shade of Green!

This is a love story. It may not look like one, but it is.

For 30 years, Nick Nelson has had a passion for solving problems and making things more beautiful in the process. His pursuit of perfection in the area of pest control regarding foliage and residences has made him a highly accomplished and award winning leader in the industry. He positively loves what he does…for several reasons.

“I love servicing customers, making properties look good and solving problems,” Nick tells us in his friendly, affable manner. With wife Debbie as part of the team, this couple is laser focused on treatment and product knowledge, customer care and satisfaction, and sharing information and techniques on maggots control Melbourne with their skilled technicians.

“We’ve used Guaranteed for over 2 years. They come every 6 weeks. Once we had a problem with a tree, they were out the next day did their thing for it and the tree is doing fine. I LOVE not having to do a thing and have the nicest lawn and foliage on the block.” MRS. POPE – PLANTATION

Nick began in the industry in 1989, and started Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization on April Fool’s day of 2004. 15 years ago, he was the sole employee. Today, his passion for “Doing right by our customers” has grown the company to 12 full-time technicians and 8 trucks. Busy throughout Broward County, Nick and Debbie, make it their mission to service every client beyond satisfaction, while keeping their technicians supported and in-the-know. Nick’s expertise and experience have made him proud to be on a University of Florida / IFAS Advisory Council and also a sought-after guest speaker at the Broward County Extension Office.

Many South Floridians are at a loss when dealing with our exceptional, tropical climes. Nick tells us, “One of the biggest things is understanding our unique weather patterns, how things grow, our bugs and diseases. Ants are the biggest problems inside of homes.”

Pest control Cranbourne offers complete interior and perimeter pest control and extermination services to keep insects where they belong: outside. The first time Guaranteed visits your home, they will come inside and treat the interior, concluding the appointment with treatment on the outside perimeter. For subsequent visits, indoor treatments may no longer be necessary. The aim of the first treatment is to eradicate any pests already in the home and prevent them from entering again. Make an appointment with Pest Control Cincinnati. For more pest control options, you can also visit sites like

Other services include:
? Palm, Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Fertilization: In addition to these services, Nick and his technicians also control fungus/disease and insects in the lawn and other landscaping. Guaranteed also treats and controls weeds in grass.

? Complete Rodent, Flea & Tick Control
? Mosquito control solutions
? Nick and his company have also been recognized for his groundbreaking discoveries in the treatment of Rugose Spiraling Whitefly on palm and hardwood trees.

Many of Nick & Debbie’s clients are focused on their property’s lawns, trees, and shrubs. Nick tells us, “They want them to look as beautiful as possible. People may spend a quarter million dollars on landscaping and they need someone to help keep it alive, looking good, and doing well.” With his dedication to problem solving combined with many years of experience, Nick confidently says, “Whatever our customers have, we make it look better.”

This love for clients, knowledge and finding proven solutions has shown Nick, Debbie and their many employees that success really does come from passion. As our interview concludes, Nick says, “When you do the right thing by your customers first, then everything falls in line from there.” Hire the best pest control services like the one in pest control st paul for details on controlling pests.

To make an appointment for Pest Control or Fertilization services, call 954-284-1601, visit

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