Meet the Bickler Family

Matthew and Beth are an active couple that absolutely adores their Coral Springs neighborhood. The duo is incredibly proud of their daughters, Jolie, 9, and Addison,6. Factoring their dog, Cody, and bearded dragon, Spike, the Bickler six are a charming family. Everyone except the pets stays busy with their professions, school, play, and extracurricular activities.

Matthew is a Real Estate agent in Coral Springs. In business for 20 years, Matthew started by teaming up with his dad and carries on his legacy to this day. Matthew says, “Beth and I actually met through real estate! Her sister bought a house (in Coral Springs) that was listed by my dad and me!”

Beth is an elementary school teacher and has been teaching in our area for 18 years. She tells us, “Working with kids has always been a passion of mine. Even though there has been a lot of change in education, I still enjoy the time I get to spend with them.”

Matthew is a Florida native and has lived in Coral Springs since 1984. He graduated from Taravella High School, and Beth has lived here since she moved down from New York in 1996.

Jolie enjoys every minute of the time she is on the field playing softball with the Coral Springs league. Addison played soccer earlier this year but is planning to play softball like her big sister in the fall. Both Jolie and Addison attend dance classes. Jolie’s favorite subjects in the fourth grade are reading and science and she loves anything to do with animals. She wants to be a dolphin trainer when she gets older! Addison enjoys the first grade and especially appreciates science.

As for Mom and Dad, Matthew sponsors the softball team and helps out in whatever way possible during the season. He says, “We love watching them play sports and having fun.”

Beth is an avid fitness participant and has recently gotten into running. She has done a few races including Disney races and just signed up for her first half marathon.

When the whole family has time together, they have fun going to the beach and paddle boarding. Beth says, “We particularly love when we can paddle out to the reef and snorkel together. We love when we go on vacation and experience new things. We also enjoy our time just hanging out and snuggling on the couch.“

We ask Matthew and Beth what they love most about our little corner of Broward County. They agree that there is so much to do whether it be activities for the kids, family, or going out to dinner within minutes of their home. Matthew says, “All our friends and family live in the area and we enjoy spending time with them.” Beth agrees and adds, “We live in an amazing neighborhood and have such awesome neighbors! It is not uncommon to find us with them for holidays or just a simple get together.”

The Bicklers belong to Temple Beth Orr. Both girls attended the preschool and now the sisters attend religious school there.

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