Cheresnick Family

Meet the Cheresnick Family

Because Justin and Noelle were from our neighborhoods since before they were in high school, settling in the Coral Springs/Parkland area was only natural when they decided to start a family. Proud parents of Jake, 5 and Ella, 3, their family is completed by their adorable dogs Kamea and Sophie.

An Eagles baseball player and graduate of Douglas high school, Justin is the Sports Director of i-9, a popular league in Coral Springs and Parkland. He says, “It’s so fun and incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to positively influence the youth through sports.” Noelle, née Lazan, graduated from Taravella high school, where she was on the cheerleading squad. She is a Veterinary Nurse Manager at an animal hospital in Boca Raton.

Jake is finishing preschool and looks forward to Kindergarten in the fall. His favorite subjects are reading, math, and recess. The sports he is currently involved in are soccer, baseball, flag football, basketball, and golf. Ella really enjoys exploring art and music, while her current activities outside are soccer and ballet.

Justin has a terrific time coaching Jake and Ella. He and Noelle both enjoy volunteering, community involvement, and school fundraising. Justin jokes, “The last one is all Noelle!”

When they aren’t at work, at school, or on the field, the Cheresnicks all agree that their time together is most appreciated when they are playing outside, going to the beach or, best of all, spending time with family and friends. Fortunate to have a large extended family, both sets of Jake’s and Ella’s grandparents live in Coral Springs.

Justin and Noelle are sincerely thankful for the close-knit communities they were raised in. Justin‘s father has been a pediatrician in town for more than 35 years. “He has an amazing reputation,” Justin says. “This has given us strong, long-standing roots in the community.”

“We really enjoy being so heavily involved in our cities,” Noelle tells us. “We’ve both lived here for a long time and, the really cool part is, it is not uncommon around town. There are so many friends and families (including our own) that have been here forever!”

Noelle is a Seminole and Justin a gator. He says, “I actually proposed to her at a UF vs FSU game in Tallahassee.” When asked who won that game, he responds, “I don’t want to speak about that.” However, the score turned out, today we know who the big winners are!

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