Meet the Cruz Family

Chris and Mirella settled in Parkland seven years ago, and have grown to appreciate their home community very much. Chris tells us, “We love how there are so many nice families around us! We love seeing familiar faces everywhere we go, and always look forward to meeting new people.” The couple has three active and adorable children; Lucas, 9, Aiden, 7, and Mila, 4. Their household is completed by the family dog, Simba, 13.

A well-known personality, entertainer and DJ, Chris is a business owner ( and busy dad. He gives much respect and is appreciative for his beautiful bride. He says, “Mirella is Super Mom and wife! She’s the glue of the Cruz family.”

Mirella keeps everyone in sync as the kids have full schedules and stay busy with fun activities outside of school. Lucas plays baseball for the Parkland Little League Mariners, and Aiden has a terrific time on the soccer fields. Aiden has big plans to be a professional soccer player when he grows up. Mila is excited to start dance classes in the fall!

Lucas attends the 3rd grade at Heron Heights Elementary school, where he loves writing and his teacher. Aiden also goes to Heron Heights and is in the 1st grade. In typical active-boy fashion, P.E. is his favorite subject. Mila attends Park Ridge Christian Academy preschool and is looking forward to VPK next year.

Chris has been assisting Lucas’ baseball team this season by coaching and helping with whatever is needed to keep the team and league running smoothly. The Cruzes enjoy going to all games together as much as possible. “Our family has a terrific time at all community and Parkland events,” Mirella says, adding that she also enjoys volunteering at the kids’ schools, Heron Heights and Park Ridge Academy. Chris DJs and hosts many of the Heron Heights events, including their 5th-grade dance, fun runs and more. He has also DJ’d and hosted many Parkland community events over the years including 5Ks, MSD fundraisers, and many others. Dit zijn de beste dj controllers onder 300 euro.

When they aren’t consumed with school, sports, or work activities, Chris says, “We love watching the sunset at our secret spot by the glades. On weekends or when there are no other activities on the schedule, we are always at the pool, taking a day trip to Disney, or are at the beach. Being near the ocean is one of our most favorite places.”

The Cruz family attends services at Church by the Glades.

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