Meet The Golden Family

Married for 13 years, Evan and Nikki Golden have a unique story that started before they were born! Both of their mothers shared a Lamaze class, and had their babies a week apart at Plantation Hospital. Evan and Nikki went to each other’s first 3 birthday parties and always stayed close. After Evan graduated from UCF, they were reunited and have been together ever since.

Settled in Parkland, the couple are proud of their two sons, Stone, 11, and Zane, 9. Stone attends the sixth grade at Westglades middle school and his favorite subjects are Science and multimedia. Zane is in the fourth grade at Riverglades Elementary, where his preferred activities are Math and lunch.

Both of the Golden boys are very active in youth sports; playing basketball, flag football and soccer. Dad tries to coach them in everything, as he enjoys the bonding and memories created on the fields.

Evan is on the Board of Directors for Parkland Flag Football, and played in the inaugural flag football league when he was a kid. Raised in Parkland, he remembers when the only park was Quigley Park. Nikki was born and raised in Coral Springs. Evan tells us,”As a family, we love going to either the Parkland or Coral Springs farmers markets and getting a bunch of food and bringing it home to watch football together.”

When Nikki is not on the fields with her sporting sons, she spends time volunteering with Not My Daughter and Parkland Cares. She loves giving back and showing her boys the importance of making a difference while helping those in need.

The Golden family loves going to the beach, renting boats, spending time with grandparents and hosting family bbq’s. They also love a good costume party, endless hours in the pool, making fire pits, telling stories, and singing songs.

Host of Eye on South Florida and Chief Marketing Officer for a law firm, Evan has some positive insight regarding our lockdown. “The pandemic gave our family the opportunity to slow down. Before it happened, we were always rushing family meals to get to fields. We had nothing scheduled on the calendar. We were finally having family dinners that were uninterrupted and enjoyable. The Golden boys discovered their passion for art and creative writing. We introduced our kids to all our favorite movies growing up like, The Goonies, Never Ending Story, The Princess Bride, Flight of the Navigator, Labyrinth, Back to the Future, and Roger Rabbit to name a few. It felt like we were watching an old 80’s movie every single night.”

Meeting this warm, engaging family gives us a positive vibe! Evan says, “Having the last name Golden is a way of life for us. To be Golden means to be friendly, encouraging, and to be the light in a time of darkness. We always try to find the positive in any situation.”

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