Meet the Johnson Family

Carmen and James recently settled into Coral Springs with their two sons, Jaiden, 4, and Jaice, 3. “After spending five years in the Miami area,” Carmen says, “We wanted to settle in a family-friendly and upbeat environment and we have found that Coral Springs strikes a great balance between the two.” The couple agrees that one of the things they most appreciate is the diversity in Coral Springs. “After attending Church by the Glades for the last 2 years, we were excited to come to be a part of this community.”

Both brothers attend North Broward Preparatory school. Jaiden is in PK4, where absolutely loves math and art. Jaice is in PK3 where he enjoys reading and sharing with his friends.

Carmen is the Director of Admissions and Marketing at North Broward Preparatory School, a PK3- 12th International boarding and Day school. She began her career in college admissions 15 years ago and loved helping students and families find the best school fit. Friendly and engaging, she says, “Making the shift to independent school admissions allows me to help families find the best academic opportunity that will prepare students for college and beyond.”

James works as a Medical Sales Account Executive in the healthcare field. In this role, he provides hospitals with equipment and products that promote infection prevention.

Extracurricular life for the boys is always active and fun. Jaiden is an orange belt in Tae Kwon Do, and enjoys the self confidence he gains and the challenges he receives from his teachers. He is also a soccer player, but Mom tells us, “Jaiden’s passions lie in art, reading and building things. He constantly shares his art with us and we love helping him to cultivate his craft!” Jaice is an avid soccer player who enjoys practicing the sport every day after school and playing mini games every Saturday. He also has fun playing basketball. Carmen shares, “Outside of sports, he also enjoys watching monster trucks and making funny jokes. He truly thinks he is a comedian!”

In their free time, Carmen and James enjoy making a difference for others. “When I am not at work,” Carmen says, “ I am passionate about helping women bring out their best self and build confidence by educating them on skin care.” For six years, she has been an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. James completes the dynamic couple and uses his experience in the financial field to educate others about credit and financial literacy. “James is the most unselfish, loving, and passionate father and husband!” Carmen tells us. “He works so hard to always get it right when it comes to being a true partner and dad in life.”

The Johnsons love building memories and are constantly looking for opportunities to expose their children to community activities and world travel. One of their favorite ways to vacation is by going on cruises. “We are a fun, loving and energetic family that truly believes in supporting and taking care of each other,” James says. “We love to laugh, play and enjoy life!”

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