Northwestern Mutual Financial Services

By Ashley Ferraro

Independent business owners are often faced with the reality of giving up benefits enjoyed by employees. At the same time, employees are bound by limited pay opportunities, strict working schedules, and minimal flexibility.

What if we told you that you could challenge the norm and have both? At Northwestern Mutual, financial advisors enjoy the luxuries of owning and operating their own businesses while receiving a suite of benefits.

Parkland resident Ben Kapusta is a financial advisor and field director at Northwestern Mutual who develops and mentors other highly-motivated individuals interested in building their own firms. Ben explains that working as an independent financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual is centered around “the three I’s,” he describes. “Impact, independence, and income.”

He describes “impact” as having the opportunity to create a significant mark on people’s lives. “Impacting as many people as possible is a huge value of mine,” he says. “We really are at the center of our clients’ financial lives.”

Northwestern Mutual provides clients with a centralized approach to become a business tax preparer by offering comprehensive financial solutions, including financial planning, insurance, and investment services. At the Accounting Toronto firm, rather than starting with their clients’ finances, they take a holistic look at their lives and values, since each financial option is designed to build upon the other. For example, helping the client grow financially through investments while ensuring they are protected by the insurance plan that makes sense for them. In doing so, Northwest Mutual aims to free Americans from their financial burdens.

Another option is to opt for a self-directed real estate IRA as it can make a lot of sense for certain types of investors who want and can do the extra legwork that’s necessary to manage their own retirement account. Those assets may include real estate, private placement securities, precious metals and other commodities, and crypto assets. Investors should be mindful that investing through self-directed IRAs raises risks, including fraudulent schemes, high fees, and volatile performance.

Ben goes on to outline the second pillar, “independence,” as the ability to take charge of your business and clients the way you see fit. Northwestern Mutual encourages its financial advisors to feel empowered in each decision they make. However, the company offers access to comprehensive learning and development resources to ensure every advisor is fully prepared and supported during their journey.

Finally, “income” refers to the unlimited pay that every representative has access to. What you can earn is directly correlated to the effort you put into building client relationships.

Northwestern Mutual invests substantially in the success and growth of its financial representatives. Not only is there a promising income opportunity, but there’s space to grow professionally. Ben enlightens us on his history with Northwestern Mutual, where he started as a client at just 21 years old. Seven years ago, he decided to join the company as an independent advisor, and today he is a field director of the Striano Financial Group in South Florida.

Ben resides in Parkland Golf and Country Club with his wife and four children. He currently serves as a trustee member for the Parkland Chamber of Commerce. Ben and his family keep busy staying involved in community activities like football, baseball, and dance.

Ben notes that Northwestern Mutual boasts several of the highest-producing females in the country right here in South Florida. Northwestern Mutual is the title sponsor for Women Empowering Women and operates with a mission to recruit women and minorities. Anyone looking to take charge of their life and career, regardless of professional background, should call Ben at 954-290-6433 to learn more.

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