October Family in Focus The Blauschilds

Breast cancer survivor Dena Lowell Blauschild and her husband Keith, together with their sons Hank and Lucas Topper (not pictured), have been members of the Coral Springs and Parkland community for 20 years. The Blauschilds own The Cook and The Cork, a successful Coral Springs restaurant, as well as a catering business. Keith is executive chef and sommelier while Dena focuses on marketing. Lucas, a sophomore at FAU, helps at the restaurant while managing another business of his own. Eldest son Hank is working toward his law degree at Cornell University. Both brothers are MSD alumni and were active with many teams and clubs during their time there.

When first diagnosed, Dena was nervous to see how she would be received on a professional level. She said, “I thought, who would want to hire a bald cancer patient to cater their wedding?” Needless to say, she was embraced by the community and feels there are, “Mostly amazing, kind, and caring people in the world.” When she isn’t busy being the restaurant’s marketing genius, she can be found spending quality time with her family. Sundays with the Blauschilds  are for enjoying the family’s 5 month old goldendoodle, Happy, and socializing with loved ones over a good meal.

Keith is passionate about culinary education and has created a way to give back to those interested in the edible arts. He mentors aspiring chefs of all ages while preparing them for culinary school, externships and general professional development. Keith and Dena also host events that raise money to scholarship aspiring chefs. If people want remote jobs, they can get them from here!

The Blauschilds are grateful to live and work in a place like Parkland. They enjoy the diversity and accessibility offered to its community members saying, “There’s also something very special about living in a town where you can have a personal connection with so many of its residents and leadership.” Dena continues, “We love that our mayors, commissioners, principals, teachers and doctors are always a phone call away.” They feel blessed to live in such a naturally beautiful part of Florida. Because this community is always abuzz with activities and new things to experience, it is the perfect place for Dena to enjoy this second chance.

Photo courtesy of  LuvRox Photography

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