Eagles' Haven Coral Springs/Parkland Florida

Open 7 Days A Week • FREE OF CHARGE • Walk-Ins Welcome

By Coral Springs Community Representatives: Shauna Smith & Laila Subeih

Eagle’s Haven is a center dedicated to community wellness created on March 26, 2019, following the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the unforgettable losses of the students following the grief from the event. The goal of Eagles Haven is to rediscover wellness and restore hope for all those affected by that day and those affected by trauma as a whole. Their mission each and every day since opening is to do everything in their power to be a presence in the community so no one will feel alone. This center is lovingly powered by JAFCO who created, opened, and operates the center as well as the Children’s Services Council of Broward County who is the major funder. The center also receives additional support from Parkland Cares, Baptist Health, and March For Our Lives. The doors to Eagles Haven are open all week with services free of charge and classes can be scheduled using the mobile app, Eagles Haven. Starting on May 1st, the center will begin hosting in-person events for the first time since Covid-19 and all are welcome to come. After visiting the center personally, the warmth of the staff and the calming aroma of the center itself stood out greatly. Each employee has so much enthusiasm and passion in their mission, giving a sense of unity in achieving the goal of wellness.

At Eagles’ Haven there are a plethora of Wellness programs to choose from ranging from pet therapy and yoga to music therapy and tai chi. The goal is to make community members feel like they have a safe place to go. Somewhere they can destress and have some peace of mind aside from the ailments of everyday life. At Eagles’ Haven the professionals that assist there have studied the neuroscience of trauma in order to better understand the grief and aftermath of the victims they aid. As of May 1st, the wellness programs will be fully back in person and will be available for all ages. These events will include, floral arrangements, kickboxing, support groups, yoga & pilates, therapy dog Thursdays and much more. To be in attendance for these events, you can download the Eagle’s Haven app on the apple store or on google play, go to eagleshaven.org, or call 954-618-0350. The guidelines of the CDC will be adhered to so please bring your masks and prepare for a truly healing experience.

With summer approaching, children will now be able to experience these events in the Eagle’s Haven summer camp that will take place June 21st till August. This camp will be partnering with MSD Shine and will include art and music therapy which has been proven to promote healing, and enhance the quality of life. The goal is to alleviate pain, aid in stress management, and give people a way to express their feelings. For more information, please contact Eagle’s Haven or check out their website. As a community, it is imperative that we stand together through trauma and trying times and thanks to Eagle’s Haven, we are able to do that and so much more.

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