My Spectator Magazine Family in Focus December 2020

The Maniscalco Family

Living in Coral Springs since 2001, Laura and Tony have exciting, busy lives with their four children, two dogs, and many activities. The Maniscalco kids are Jack, 14, Mackenzie, 13, Colin, 12, and Drew, 10.

Laura, has been a teacher at country Hills Elementary for 20 years, and Tony is a successful attorney. As if their lives didn’t have enough going on, each of their children have scheduled activities that keep the family in constant motion. Jack has been part of the Coral Springs Swim Team since 5th grade, and the Coral Springs Charter Swim Team since 6th grade. Mackenzie plays for the Weston Explosion 14U Softball and runs on Coral Springs Charter’s Cross Country team. Colin enjoys Broward Blizzard Travel Baseball, North Springs Baseball, and City of Coral Springs Flag Football. Drew is a teammate with the Coral Springs Basketball Club and also with Coral Springs Flag Football.

While the kids are having a great time, their parents are also active in their children’s sporting activities. Laura is on the Board for North Springs Little League as the Player Agent and Tony has been a coach for North Springs Little League for many seasons. Laura tells us, “I am happy to be Team Mom and help with fundraisers for all the kids’ sports.”

The three older siblings all attend Coral Springs charter school. Jack is in the 9th Grade, and Art is his favorite subject. Mackenzie prefers Language Arts/Creative Writing, and is in the 8th grade. Colin is in 6th Grade where History is his strongest subject. Drew goes to 5th-grade classes at Country Hills Elementary, and he also enjoys History the most.

Laura, says, “Traveling to different tournaments for both baseball and softball, we get to see different places while watching our kids do what they love. Recently we took a trip to Tennessee to watch Colin play in a Cal Ripken Tournament.” When they aren’t running around to different sporting activities for the kids, the family enjoys spending time together at the beach, playing board games, watching 90’s movies and being with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that all live in Coral Springs. When asked what she loves most about living here, Laura tells us, “Being close to family and all the great friendships we have made throughout the years.”

One thing is for sure … We are all in this together! When asked about pandemic life, Laura takes a moment before she answers thoughtfully. ”We had time to be together, BBQ, watch movies, swim, and play board games. We are a family always on the go, so it was nice to have some uninterrupted time together.”

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