Rey Family

The Rey Family

Emilie, 12, and Justin, 7, are two lucky siblings who share their love of animals and the outdoors with their family. Together with their parents, Alicia and George, the Reys wouldn’t be complete without their golden doodle Teddy, horse Lady Jade and pony Luna.

The Reys currently reside in Parkland, where they have been for more than 4 years. “For 10 years we lived in East Fort Lauderdale,” Jorge says. “Moving from so near to the beach was not an easy decision, but we love Parkland and the friends we have made here. There is a strong sense of inclusion, always kids playing and more fundays than we can handle!”

Alicia is the business owner at Horze Stylz, an equestrian lifestyle boutique in Coconut Creek. She is an accomplished business professional with 25 years of experience in marketing strategy, product management and communications, working in global high-tech and Fortune 500 companies.

Jorge is a Director of Information Security and Compliance at one of the largest independent accounting firms in Florida, one of the top CPA firms in the country. He is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and is also an adjunct professor at FIU.

Emilie is a devoted and passionate horseback rider. She has tried it all – soccer, gymnastics, tennis, and more – but according to Mom, her love for horses was instant at age 4. She competes in hunter/jumper in Wellington shows and throughout Florida.

Justin currently participates in travel soccer and flag football within the Parkland community. Alicia was a soccer coach for 2 years with Parkland rec soccer, which is where Justin got his start.

Jorge participates with both of his children in the Seminole Nation Indian Princess & Guide program. Sponsored by the YMCA, the program includes a variety of father and daughter/son outings, Tribal and Nation activities including camping, service projects and more. Jorge also enjoys playing basketball with a Watercrest league as often as he can.

He says, “Our family loves to travel and vacation together – both in the US and outside the country. We try and get away several times a year.” He goes on to tell us, “Dinner, movies, singing/dancing, hanging out – anything goes with this group.”

Once school starts again, Emilie will be entering 7th grade at West Glade Middle. Last school year her favorite subjects were science, multi-media and PE. She is a straight A student.

Moving onto 2nd grade at Parktrails Elementary, Justin looks forward to math and science, where he can put his mind to the test, but recess is still his top pick!

This close and loving family is not currently active in a synagogue, but Alicia tells us, “We do enjoy the traditions of the Jewish religion and celebrate the holidays with family and friends.”

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