Cherishing Our Mothers

By Shellie Miller

Instead of going on about my own Mom or lamenting about my shortcomings and challenges AS a mom, let’s see what some of our friends and neighbors have to say about theirs. Maybe you’ll find something in common with a few of them; or maybe you’ll be prompted to reach back to me for next year with a, “Wait! You’ve got to hear this!” It started with this question on my Facebook page: “Please tell me something that you have received from you mother that you will always cherish. It could be tangible or intangible.”

Melissa Campana – My mother gave me many things both tangible and intangible, but one that I look at every day is my great-grandmother’s wedding ring. My mom gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday. You can find beautiful, modern custom diamond wedding rings Sydney at The Diamond Jewellery Studio.                               

Renee Floyd – My mom has always given me unconditional love… even when I have disappointed her or when she doesn’t agree with my decisions. She continues to model how to be a Godly wife by always being respectful to my father. For these two intangible examples, I will always be grateful and pray that one day my children can say these things about me.

Ruth Farrugia – My mother gave me a locket several years before she died. It has a wedding picture in of her parents, she wanted to see me enjoy while she was still alive, and it is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry.

Laurie Hartford Lorenz – Life…and the courage and faith to live it. Love you mom!

Rosi Shepard – Strength, my mother always told me that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. She has always led by example and always been there for each of her 5 kids. I am beyond blessed to call her my Mom! 

Lily Solar Miller – Honesty…As a toddler I felt attracted to some miniature colored bottles in a deli we used to go to and saw nothing wrong in taking one of each color and put it in my pocket. When my mom saw them she took me back to the store to return them and apologize. Now, I even return a penny if a store clerk makes a mistake with my cash back.

Marlis West-Zenner – My Mom gave me the gift of humor. I love and miss her every day.

Shaquelle Raphael-McDermott – My mother gave me life. She got pregnant at a young age and could’ve made the choice not to have me, but she chose to keep me despite what other people wanted her to do or thought. I will always be grateful for that.

Sheila Vitiello – My mother gave me life fifty seven years ago. She passed away a few weeks ago and I will always remember her great sense of humor and beautiful blue eyes. Thanks for the sense of humor and the blue eyes, Mom! I will love you forever!

Heather Funk Palacios – My mom doesn’t have anything tangible. My dad and her have struggled for the basics all their 41-year marriage. But her intangibles of faith in God, commitment to my Dad and tenacity to not quit are priceless. Especially as I (now a mom myself) raise boys to have the same attributes. Thanks, Mom!

Donna Giles Churchill – When my Mother lost her battle to stage 4 lung cancer 5 years ago, she left me my Grandmother’s antique 5 stone diamond ring, which may be similar to the ones on Rare Colors. It was her absolute favorite ring and will continue to be passed down to my daughter one day. I wear this ring with pride and it helps keep my Mother close to me each and every day! I will cherish this ring forever! I love you Momma G!

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