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American Heritage Summer Day Camp 2018

American Heritage Camp Director Wayne Lenoff is passionate about summer camp, not because it’s his profession, but because he loves the idea that each camper can have an amazing and active summer experience doing a variety of things that are both fun and engaging.

Hosting summer camps for more than 30 years, American Heritage’s summer sessions begin June 11th and continue through August 10th. They are divided into three 3-week sessions, each one different from the other. One aspect of the camp is a traditional day camp where children will experience a variety of activities including various field sports, drama, art, swimming, video arcades and more. The camp supplies healthy lunches, with appetizing choices and snacks throughout the day. Day campers range in age from 3 to 13 and, beginning at age 6, go on a variety of field trips throughout the summer. American Heritage also features specialty camps for children who would like to concentrate in specific areas of interest.

“There’s a Robotics Camp for the camper who would like to build a robot and get it to do different tasks, such as digital electronics, 3-D printing, coding with Java and CAM,” Wayne says. “Each session has its own unit that they focus on.” Going through the list of offerings, he lists the sports activities available. “We host a Tennis Camp for the enthusiast who wants to get out on the courts every day and sharpen their skills; a Soccer camp headed by a former professional soccer player and Olympic development coach, and a Lacrosse Camp run by a former collegiate coach.” And the choices don’t stop there. Wayne continues, “We also have a Young Artist’s Camp where the campers will study and create art using different mediums throughout the summer; a Science Adventure Camp where each session will concentrate on a different aspect of our local ecosystem, such as marine life, where campers will learn how to snorkel to observe marine life and life in the Everglades. Campers will also be conducting different investigative science experiments in our science lab. Video Production Camp is offered for ages 10 to 14 for two sessions.” Wayne is especially proud of the level of each instructor’s professional accomplishments and all that they offer to the children. “Because we are a successful college prep school, all of the instructors in charge of our specialty camps are experts in their fields. For instance, our Robotics instructor runs our Pre-Engineering Lab during the school year.” Wayne adds, “This is not a classroom instruction type of thing… Everything the children will be doing throughout the summer is hands-on.”

For the 9-week camper, Wayne emphasizes that the main goal of American Heritage’s program is to ensure that each camper loves the camp experience. “Every 3-week session is different, and each session stands alone. All of our specialty camps include getting the kids out for one hour each day and involved in something else. Most of the time they go swimming because our pool is right here on campus.” When asked, Wayne shares his personal favorite. “I love the Day Camp! It lets you experience a variety of activities every day and gives you a well-rounded summer experience. ”

Free central bus transportation is available every day. A bus picks up and drops off children at one of many central locations. Door-to-door bus service is also offered for a fee, and parents can also drop off and pick up their children.

Involved with the camp for 19 years, Wayne began as a senior counselor and has continued to be a vital part of every summer season. His passion for the campers and the activities available to them is evident in the energy with which he speaks. Definitively focused on his role in making sure that every child attending American Heritage’s camp has the best summer of their life, he puts it simply, “We want every child to look back and say, ‘Wow! That was amazing!’”

American Heritage Summer Day Campus, Plantation Campus: 954-427-0022 – Delray Campus: 561-637-2440