Fun with the S.U.N.

Cowritten by Luke Lefkowitz & Fallon Trachtman

Students United Network is a nonprofit organization focused on bridging the gap between the youth and local government in the community. They currently hold meetings every Monday night where student leaders are given the opportunity to voice any opinions and ideas that they have for the future of the community. The meetings also involve brainstorming future project ideas that could potentially help to get community members of all ages to come together for a beneficial cause. Adult mentors are also present at the meetings to ensure that the organization continues along the right path.

Among the many adult advisors, Scott Brook is most notable as he has been crucial in the development and continuation of this organization. Brook has not only aided greatly in the development of S.U.N. but himself, along with the other adults, have provided the student leaders with useful advice and information that has led to life-changing growth for the members of the organization and the
community as a whole.

On August 10, the Students United Network (S.U.N.) hosted the Unity in the Community Picnic to end the community members’ summer on a high note. Through this event, S.U.N. raised money for both the Friendship Journey, which is a charity that unites individuals of all cognitive and developmental abilities through equitable opportunities and lasting friendships, and the Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation, which was built on the idea that giving back to the community is key to the success of changing the mindset of that community. In addition to money being raised for charity, this event also allowed the organization to host a school supply drive for Hunt Elementary School. Attendees who brought school supply donations received either a raffle ticket or school service hours. The winners of the raffle were awarded prizes donated to S.U.N. by businesses in the area. Along with raising money and collecting school supplies, the other goal that was accomplished through this event was bringing the community together for a fun, relaxing and carefree outdoor day.

Students United Network plans on continuing their efforts to unite the community and involve the youth through future events. Anyone interested in joining S.U.N. can email [email protected] for more information. Be sure to follow S.U.N. on Instagram and Facebook @studentsunitednetworksfl


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