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14 Tips to Help You Stay Committed to Your Health During the Holiday Season

By Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki

With guidance and the right mindset, you can achieve anything you want this holiday season.

Let’s discuss some tips to help you stay committed to your health goals:

  1. Reset your mind; having the right mindset will help you make good choices. Look for brain retraining exercises.
  2. Set a goal and be committed to it; you are so good at staying committed to your work and family, but you give up too quickly when it comes to yourself. Write your goals and put them on your desk to remind yourself daily.
  3. Make yourself a priority, eat foods that love you back, and engage in self-love practices, like exercise and meditation. Persistent pain or swelling in your teeth or gums could be a sign that one of many different things is wrong, and you should have your dentist at All On 4 Clinic  sydney check for infection or gum disease.
  4. Let your loved ones know that you need them to support you; having your family and friends know that you are taking care of yourself and that you need their support even when they might disagree with what you are doing is essential to you.
  5. Focus on your family and friends, not food; shifting your mind towards family instead of food will help you rewire your brain.
  6. Go for a walk or dance with your family after a meal to keep you active and help you burn any excess calories.
  7. Prepare meals ahead of time; that way, you will avoid snacking throughout the day because you are hungry and there’s no food.
  8. Eat at home before you leave the house to avoid going to places hungry. That way, you can have some food at the party, keep control, and make better choices.
  9. Powering up your protein intake, protein-rich foods like meat, shrimp, salmon, poultry, eggs, dairy, and beans help keep you satisfied between meals and feeling fuller.
  10. Avoid unhealthy food; what you don’t buy, you will not eat, and also avoid going to the grocery store hungry.
  11. Make a healthy dessert instead of a store-bought dessert, usually higher in sugar and processed ingredients.
  12. Bring a dish you can eat #1 tip; if you know that you are going to a party with limited healthy options, bring a side dish you can eat and share with others.
  13. Avoid shaming yourself. Self-love for yourself always comes first; did you eat more than usual or make poor choices? Recognize and move forward; know that you will do your best after that.
  14. What to choose for your plate? Follow this order; make protein your most significant portion, then move to fruit/veggies and starches. Then alcohol and dessert if you decide to do it.

Staying committed to your health during the holidays can be even more challenging if you have experienced trauma or lost a loved one. Could you look for someone that can help you before the holidays arrive? You might be using food or alcohol to comfort you, to take you away from remembering the trauma and pain.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki is a Pharmacist with a Board Certification in Functional Medicine. For more health tips, follow her on Instagram @drrosemarie_rutecki.Website:

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