5 Simple Steps to Prevent a Drowning

1. Supervision is key
2. Door Chimes, to alert you that the door has been opened.
3. Fencing around bodies of water, 4’ in height with a self
closing/self latching gate
4. Learn to Swim, start as early as 6 to12 months

Did you know that Florida has 1.5 million pools with an average of 40,000 built annually? Our beautiful state has more than 8,436 miles of beaches and countless waterways; such as canals, lakes, and swales. The State of Florida is also a hub for tourism, visiting the beach or staying at a beautiful resort is a favorite family vacation for many. A variety of water sports can be enjoyed year round too.

Although our State is a hot spot for many enjoyable activities, we also have the highest number of drowning fatalities too. In 2021, 98 children lost their lives to drowning in our State. Drowning continues to be the number 1 cause of death for children 1 to 4 years of age, year after year.

According to a survey conducted by the American Red Cross; more than half (56%) of all Americans cannot swim well enough to save themselves.

Change is Happening, many agencies/organizations are coming together to combat this horrific tragedy claiming the lives of so many of our children.

The McGovern Foundation (www.mcgovernfoundation.com) has been working to raise awareness for drowning prevention since their beautiful daughter, Edna Mae passed away due to drowning in their backyard pool in August 2009. Cassie McGovern, immediately submerged herself into the water safety community learning as much as she could to help bring about change. She then worked for the Florida Department of Health in Broward county running all aspects of the drowning prevention community for 7.5 years. Cassie has expanded the efforts of McGovern Foundation and will host the First Water Safety Symposium of Florida on Tuesday, April 26th and April 27th at the Sunrise Civic Center located at 10610 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Sunrise, Florida
Everyone is welcome to join, register at Eventbrite @ Water Safety Symposium of

Recently legislation was passed to help address the drowning issue our state suffers from, Every Child a Swimmer (Senate Bill SB 358) was passed last year and will be implemented into the 22/23 school year. The law requires each child who is entitled to admittance to kindergarten, or who is entitled to any other initial entrance into public or private school in Florida, to receive water safety education information.

The passing of this Bill is a huge step in bringing about change, The McGovern family couldn’t be more thankful.

Every Child a Swimmer is an initiative of The International Swimming Hall of Fame. The ECAS program brought Cassie McGovern on as the program manager where she will work to grow the scholarship program.

If you are in need of swim lessons information or water safety information, please visit www.everychildaswimmer.org or www.mcgovernfoundation.com


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