History of Parkland 2022

A History of Parkland, Florida: The Monumental Title Every Resident Should Read

By Ashley Ferraro

Have you ever wondered, “Who was Holmberg Road named after?” Or perhaps, “Why weren’t any large shopping centers ever developed in Parkland?” These questions, in addition to many others, are answered by Frank J. Cavaioli, Ph.D., and Kenneth A. Cutler, Esq. in their sensational new book, A History of Parkland, Florida.

The rapidly developing city of Parkland has been attracting young families, retirees, and all kinds of friendly faces in between for many years. Home to top-rated public schools, beautiful parks, and quiet neighborhoods, Parkland was erected by careful design rather than by chance. “Parkland is a unique community,” Frank says with glee.

According to Frank, Parkland has remained a “rural area with large estates” and overall, a great place to live, thanks to those who have set a meticulous precedent for its foundation.

As the title alludes, the book is a much-needed historical blueprint of the stepping stones that allowed this ambitious city to become the place we are all proud to call home today. A History of Parkland, Florida explores the city’s history, naming notable figures and critical events that occurred since its incorporation in 1963. Readers will find a chapter on the city’s founder and very first mayor, Bruce Barnett Blount, who was ALSO a mayor of Pompano Beach AT ONE TIME.

Renowned author and former history professor Frank J. Cavaioli lends his lifetime of knowledge and expertise to help tell the story of Parkland. Frank spent the greater part of his life as a history and political science professor at Farmingdale State College SUNY, the oldest public college on Long Island. He retired and moved to Pompano Beach in 1991 with his wife and children before finally relocating to Parkland in 2013, where he currently resides at Aston Gardens.

Having published a myriad of titles, 18 to be exact, Frank is thrilled to share his latest offering in his 92nd year of life. For A History of Parkland, Florida he collaborated with Ken Cutler, a long-time resident, City Commissioner, and currently serving as Vice Mayor of Parkland, after the two met at a Parkland Historical Society meeting several years ago.

A 1986 graduate of Nova Law School, Kenneth A. Cutler works as an attorney and has been litigating cases in State and Federal Courts for decades, founding the Cutler Radar Law Firm with offices in Coral Springs. He and his family currently reside in Parkland, where his wife, Sharon Cutler, works as a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Ken had to go beyond Parkland’s historical archives for some of the information, especially those earlier pieces of history. “Like Holmberg’s early history, for example, comes from sources in Minnesota,” says Ken. “Because that’s where Holmberg was born and raised.”

Frank was instrumental in building some of the framework of the narrative. With Ken’s diligent research and Frank’s authorship expertise, the two devised a phenomenal historical record of Parkland, one that readers of all ages can appreciate. “It was an interesting and mutually enjoyable collaboration,” adds Ken.

A History of Parkland, Florida is now available through Amazon, in KINDLE or paperback formats or you can get a copy directly by contacting ken at the law office of Cutler Rader. Frank and Ken intend to donate some of the proceeds to the Parkland Historical Society.

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