Summit Academy Charter School

A Unique Vision That is Built on C.L.A.S.S.

• Character • Leadership • Academics • Service & Sportsmanship

With the population of Florida, including Coral Springs and Parkland, expanding exponentially over the last three years, it’s no surprise that a special little gem in the western part of Coral Springs has become a vital place for teaching and expanding young minds from Kindergarten through 8th grade. At or near capacity for certain grades, school Principal Gus Prats tells me that there is a waitlist for certain grade levels. Please reach out for a tour of this impressive school as soon as possible!

The mission of Summit Academy Charter School is to offer a rigorous and high-quality education that focuses on “CLASS,” which stands for Character, Leadership, Academics, Service, and Sportsmanship. The school’s philosophy is that without these components, students are unable to achieve their maximum learning potential. Their unique vision is believing an education is more than the teaching of the core subjects. A school, well-connected with the home and the community, is a place for students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Beginning in 2019 with 170 students, the school has now expanded to 475 students and includes many happy families that have watched their children learn and thrive in this safe, secure environment. Safety has always been a top priority since day one, and the school has its own full-time Guardian, who is certified to oversee school safety by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Prats makes it a point to tell me that they have had no trouble with any type of school violence during their five years. That is quite a testimony! Mr. Prats says, “It’s a smaller school atmosphere… our biggest disciplinary issues are occasional uniform violations. We will never be that 1,000 student place, and we don’t want to be. We like that it’s more of a family environment.” He continues by relating to the families who bring their children to school for the first time. “These kindergarten parents are letting go of their child and it’s daunting. They go to these kindergarten round-ups and find out that there are 11 different kindergarten classrooms, and they feel overwhelmed. When they come here, they see that our kindergarten is in four different sections all on the same floor sharing the same bathrooms. It’s a lot less intimidating.“

Making the school feel more like a family atmosphere is paramount to everyone on staff. The policy is that every person is referred to by their first name, parents are encouraged to be involved, no excessive homework is given, and every teacher on the education team is certified by the state of Florida.

Principal Gus Prats, has been a driving force from day one. His decades of experience in education combined with his compassion and acceptance of others, has made him a respected leader at both Summit Academy Charter School, and throughout the charter school system. Recently, the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools awarded Mr. Prats with The Champion Charter School Leader for 2023.

Because of their tremendous success, and Mr. Prats’ effective leadership, Summit Academy Charter School has just been approved to open a second location in the Orlando area. This proves to many that the charter system is highly effective and pleasing to so many families!

At this time, Summit still has spaces available. Make sure to schedule a tour, Open House is held monthly. Please call for time and dates at 954-603-3303 or visit


Summit Academy Charter School


Summit Academy Charter School

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