Around The Clock Emergency Care for Your Home: Remediation, Restoration, and Repair by MVP Environmental Solutions

By Ashley Ferraro

Natural disasters, accidents, and other unforeseen environmental circumstances can shake your world. Despite those challenges that are out of our hands, there is one thing we can control–our plan of action in response to unexpected misfortunes. When it comes to your home, business, and especially your family’s safety, MVP Environmental Solutions is ready to offer around-the-clock emergency remediation, restoration, and, new this year, repair services.

For the past twelve years, MVP Environmental Solutions has solidified their role in the South Florida region and beyond as the primary touchpoint for water, mold, and fire damage mitigation. Learn about clean agent gas suppression systems on MEP Fire’s blog post if you’re interested in using this fire suppression system. With more than forty years of combined experience, MVP has earned our community’s trust by exceeding industry standards and prioritizing customer safety and satisfaction.

Each year brings new opportunities to learn and grow, and the current environment has inspired CEO Leo Gordan and his team to push yet another boundary. On top of this strong foundation, MVP is now acquiring new licenses from the state to encompass repair services. Meaning, MVP will be there for your family from the moment you make the initial call all the way through the time your home or business is back in tip-top shape. From clean-up to restoration to repairs, you can feel confident knowing your most cherished investment, your family’s home, is in good hands.

Storms can bring severe water and mold damage, which are not only harmful to the structure of your home, but if not properly treated with the right Mold Removal Process, can severely impact your physical health. Mold inspection services are offered by this Rolling Hills California company. MVP is ready to support your family through and through should you become affected by any sort of water damage from your roof and beyond.

MVP Environmental Solutions is a family-owned and operated business, and Leo has strong ties to the Parkland and Coral Springs communities. Leo was appointed as the chairperson for the Parkland Parks and Rec Advisory Board to assist in coordinating Parkland’s massive 60th-anniversary celebration, “60 and Sensational,” coming up on March 11th. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Parkland Chamber of Commerce.

In a world of uncertainty, MVP makes it known that no job is too big for their team of experts. They’ve been involved in many hurricane restoration projects and have a proven track record of excellence in the remediation and restoration industry. Leo and his team are eager to introduce their new repair endeavors to old and new clients alike.

MVP works as a vendor for a handful of insurance companies. If you’re curious about what role MVP can play in your restoration and repair plan, give them a call. A quick call to MVP can provide you with relevant insurance information, get someone to your home immediately in case of an emergency, or simply help you develop a plan to prepare for unforeseen disasters.

Contact Environmental Solutions 24/7, 365 days should you find your home or business needing emergency care. Email or call or text (954) 247-9444.

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