The American Dream is Alive and Well!

By Shellie Miller-Farrugia

Too many of us, at this point in history, are walking around with a negative vibe. Sure, life is uncertain some days, but overall it hasn’t changed so much that we can’t keep hope alive!

Years ago, my grandmother had a deli in Buffalo, New York. My father turned her pickle recipe into a major international company.… That family of immigrants became very successful because of the opportunity to live in America.

And it’s no different today! 21 years ago, Scott and I dreamed of and created this little publication, the Spectator. Two decades later, members throughout the community are still reading it, getting involved in activities we feature, and expanding the businesses of our advertisers. We are completely humbled that our American dream has enabled us to live in this phenomenal community, and raise our children here.

Now that’s a 21-year-old story… But I see them all of the time today! One of our realtor friends has completely changed his life and the life of his family because of his determination, relatability, and attention to his clients. His American dream includes many other realtors who work with and for him. They are all realizing what an incredible opportunity is available to them today.

Despite being a doctor for many decades, a chiropractor friend of mine thought of a different concept for marketing his business, which is now burgeoning bigger and better than ever. Sometimes thinking outside of the box is the ticket toward a more fulfilling success. To further elucidate the American dream… We can each create our own!

Our Parkland neighbor moved to Florida from Holland when he was 18 years old. He was frustrated and felt that starting a business in his home country was close to impossible because of all the red tape and bureaucracy that came with it. In moving to South Florida, he was surprised at all of the wealth and ability for absolutely anyone, despite their education, experience, and background, to start a company and grow it. He tells me, “I literally did everything that the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ said, and it made me successful in America! The possibilities here are endless!”

Two former NYPD members own a restaurant in Coral Springs. It is very successful, and the owners give back to the community in wonderful ways! We are blessed to have them pursuing their American dream right here in our neighborhood.

We see businesses popping up all over the place, and wish them success! This is how we keep the American Dream alive… Supporting others, sharing ideas, and being grateful for everything we have.

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