Meet the Boneri Family

Certain families are so much fun! As we look into the lives of Luis and Jackie and their three children Julian, 9, Aiden, 7, and Lia, 4, we realize that ordinary events are made extraordinary by this happy, loving group!

Both Jackie and Luis work for Keiser University. Luis is the Director of Cloud Services and Jackie is the Associate Vice President of Student Services.

Julian and Aiden both play baseball and soccer in local leagues. They look forward to the fun, and are signed up for Coral Springs Flag Football for the first time this upcoming season. Lia loves attending her dance and tap classes.

Luis coaches both boys’ baseball teams and soccer teams. He tells us, “We are all about supporting our schools and fundraising or participating in walks for a variety of causes.”

One example of their creativity and fun is a Movie night at home with the family. Jackie tells us, “The kids like to create a booth to purchase tickets and treats. Then we all curl up together under cozy blankets to watch the movie of their choice. We also love to have family/friend gatherings. The kids love to put on talent shows in the house or build forts. We try to make each gathering a special moment together.”

Both brothers attend Eagle Ridge Elementary, where they each claim math as their favorite subject. Lia attends Westminster Academy, and she loves science as well as arts and crafts.

Together since 2010, Jackie tells us, “We absolutely love our city and neighbors. It is a community where we look out for one another, and it feels like an extended family.”

A very involved father, Luis tells us, “I like to wake up the kids now and then with music…start their day with a joyful heart.”

Mom uses her special touch every afternoon. Jackie shares, “I always ask everyone around the table what they learned from school today or what was their favorite part of the day or what made you laugh today? I think it important to find the good in everything especially if we are having a tough day.”

And four year old Lia gives us the best quote of all. She says, “I love my family.“

The Boneris attend services at Church by the Glades.

Boneri Family

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