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Back to New Beginnings

By Ashley K. McCardia

Believe it or not, it’s time to get supply lists out and start shopping. The time has come for fresh kicks and a souped-up wardrobe that was designed by custom closets systems. Target hauls are inevitable and I am excited!

Even though parents around the world have just pulled the last rotting piece of uneaten, unidentifiable food particles out of their kids’ lunch boxes an hour ago, back to school is nipping at our heels. If you’ve got small kids like me, you are going to be busy buying holographic Unicorn this and Velociraptor that. We will be on a collective Back to School treasure hunt for character folders and gear. Lisa Frank everything was my jam in the ’90s.

For those of you with older babies, your mission will probably include a lot of tears over the wrong type of jeans and dress code violating tops. Lockers will need to be properly decorated ahead of time, too! My locker was always stocked with giant packs of gum, extra mascara, eyeliner and snacks. I was a high maintenance high schooler. Thankfully it was a phase, mostly.

This time of year has always had an air about it for me. When I was a kid, it meant possibilities were endless and I still feel that optimism at the start of a new school year for my kids. Of course, there is also the excitement of brand new clothes and fresh supplies. Who doesn’t love the latest outfit on an important day? Following closely behind was always a sense of anticipation of getting your schedule and hoping you have classes with people you know.

Despite my adulthood, if something is new or daunting to me today, I tend to liken it to that first-day-of-school feeling where you really aren’t sure if your breakfast is going to stay down. Whether it was my first day of elementary school or high school, the nerves always subsided. I would go home and tell my parents every single detail of my day.

When you stop to think about it, this season each year feels like a magical time of new beginnings. I compare it to the feeling that New Years Day brings. Last year is behind us; we can look forward to new successes and adventures. Whether your kids are little like mine or going back to high school for their last year, a brand new world of friends and opportunity awaits them and us. We parents also get the chance to improve and grow during the new school year. I personally look forward to the challenges of a new academic year because watching our children grow and change is such a privilege.

This could be the year where you finally get packed lunches down to a science. It could be the year your child surprises you with their wealth of new knowledge and wisdom. Maybe they get over that hump that has been holding them back from progressing in a particular subject.

The nerves and stress are always going to be a part of any new adventure in life but I like to think it is also a sign that really good things are coming to us. As another school year approaches and the excitement builds, I wish you all a successful and fun Back to School season!

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