Community Based Insurance Offers Promising Options

By Ashley Ferraro

Apple Insurance and Financial is a community-oriented company proudly led by founder Rick Jultak and partners Marc Fine and Sharon Zilberman. With its main office located in Boca Raton, the company handles clients throughout the South Florida region. According to Jultak, “Members aren’t customers, they’re clients.”

The family aspect of the company extends to agents and administrators of Apple as well with fair employee health benefits. With over 100 local employees, not one has been laid off since the global pandemic ensued. Apple has made it possible for all of their employees to work full-time from home. In fact, they are currently looking to hire others who have been laid off and are open to a career in insurance.

For those who have lost their job and are possibly losing insurance coverage, Apple offers promising options which you can click here to learn. With Special Enrollment Periods opening up due to the unprecedented circumstances, potential clients become eligible for reduced rates based on their lowered incomes. Specifically, if your income has been reduced by at least 15%, Apple wants to help you modify your insurance. With agents diligently working to assist clients on a personal level, clients choosing Apple will have access to the same, or a better plan, at a lower rate; as well as specialized plans tailored to individual circumstances.

Even if you are not a client, Apple still wants to help you. As an agency founded on service, the company will gladly take your call and offer you generalized advice. There is no additional cost to this, and Apple provides the same coverage offered through the Marketplace, but with an incomparable degree of personalization.

Apple is also involved in a variety of events and fundraisers that give back to the community. By hosting adopt-a-thons for pets in the tri-county area and donating large sums of money to animal rescues, they demonstrate the true vision of their agency. Rick mentions that Apple is also an approved vendor of the VA, donating time and resources to helping veterans (client or not) understand their health benefits. In addition, Apple sponsors fundraising events for multiple sclerosis (MS), multiple myeloma, and juvenile diabetes throughout the year.

Rick is a family man who chooses not to dwell on the negative. Instead, he’s happy to have his son home from Tulane. He tells us, “Families will look back and be grateful for the time spent together, especially those with children that are home from college or grad school. That’s something that just doesn’t ever happen.” Marc is glad to have his daughter home from UF as well as his son who is a recent graduate of FAU.

With an 85% retention rate, Apple Insurance always prioritizes the needs of clients and their families. Whether you need help with individual or group health insurance, life insurance, disability, or financial planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple. Jultak claims that right now is actually the easiest time in years to qualify for life insurance coverage.

Give Apple a call at 561-614-2400 or see

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