Big Roosters Southern Table

Growing up around Southern influences, one comes to learn, it’s more than just big, fancy hats, slick sayings and sweet tea; it’s a sense of comfort, humbleness, tradition and good ol’ southern hospitality. Supper time, which we like to call, “a little piece of heaven,” was nothing less of that… From the fried chicken, to the fresh greens, to the southern infused grilled items, to the homemade pies and down to the conversations—it’s all so darn good! It’s been two years in the making, 2014 was when the idea of Big Rooster’s hatched and now in 2016 it’s become a full grown Rooster. With that being said, Big Rooster’s Southern Table cordially invites all to come and experience what cannot be explained, but rather shown! It aint a lie when we say it’s “A Southern Thing.” And like my grand-pops always said, “We’re kind of a BIG DEAL!”

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