Scott Brook and Family

Blessing of Being a Father

By Scott J Brook

There is nothing more meaningful in my life than being a Father!! I believe it is the greatest blessing in the World. I first became a Father on December 14, 1997. It was the day I married Brenda and her three children, Patrick, Tina, and Mat. I got down on my knee and put rings on my children from my Wife’s first marriage. They were three reasons I married Brenda as I had grown to love them, too.

I became a Dad to Aj and Sammi within a few years after that and I’m crazy about all five of my children! To me, Fatherhood has meant sacrifice, love, laughter, tears of joy, and sadness and it’s my favorite role in life.

While my children are grown – ages 19-34 – and I am a Grandfather of three amazing boys, my children are more precious to me than ever! I was right outside the hospital room here in Coral Springs when my first grandchild was born over 11 years ago. I had the honor of marrying Patrick to his wife, Kori. My son Mat is the toughest person I know with a huge heart. I was there when Aj won a full ride to college. I waited eagerly for 7 days when our little girl was 14 and in the hospital with a rare disease before she was discharged.

I’ve coached my boys in sports, loved watching Sammi dance for years, and have had the best talks with Tina. Watching my children grow and become contributors, parents, college students, and so much more has been very fulfilling!

My wife Brenda and I have taught our children a few important lessons over the years: it’s ok to say “no.” It’s okay to receive “no.” It’s an important time to choose your own path. There’s no present more valuable than being present.

As we celebrate the most unique Father’s Day in our lifetime, I wish all my fellow Dads a blessed and Happy Father’s Day! May you all feel the richness and love this holiday was meant for. Today is a gift. Your children are gifts! You, Dad, are a gift!

PS – Happy Father’s to my Dad in heaven, Seymour Brook, who taught me by example to always put my children first.

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