SOFLO Ninja Academy

Broward’s Ultimate Fitness & Entertainment Destination

Broward County is about to witness an exhilarating fitness adventure as SOFLO Ninja Academy, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and entertainment center inspired by the popular NBC competition reality show, American Ninja Warrior, prepares to make its mark. Although the initial fall launch was delayed due to city permitting and other considerations, the team is diligently working towards bringing this unique experience to the community soon.

The team extends a sincere gratitude to all current and future SOFLO families for their patience during the meticulous construction of the gym, ensuring the highest safety standards. The anticipation is unmistakable, and SOFLO Ninja Academy eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome the community to the ultimate American Ninja training facility.

SOFLO Ninja Academy offers a cutting-edge training    program that deviates from traditional fitness options. Expert coaches, including fan favorite R.J. Roman from the most recent season of American Ninja Warrior, are committed to providing a distinct athletic development path. From seasoned fitness enthusiasts to those new to athleticism, the gym’s intricate obstacle courses challenge balance, agility, strength, and endurance.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. SOFLO Ninja Academy isn’t just a fitness hub; it’s an exceptional entertainment space. Ideal for hosting birthday parties for all ages, camps, corporate events, or team-building activities, the obstacle course promises unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s an adult night out or a family visit, the gym invites everyone to push their physical and mental limits.

The visionaries behind SOFLO Ninja Academy are Parkland residents, Leo and Mayda Gordon. Joining them on this exciting venture is American Ninja Warrior competitor, Vinnie Castranova (The Plumbing Ninja).

In addition to their commitment to fitness and fun, SOFLO Ninja Academy proudly announces its collaboration with Make Our School Safe. Serving as the venue for a significant initiative, the academy will host the distribution of 275 bulletproof backpacks to the students of the Make Our School Safe clubs, contributing to a safer community and paying tribute to those affected by the tragic events at Parkland.

“Working with SOFLO Ninja Academy has helped make large MOSS events possible. Together we will continue to MAKE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE,” says Lexi Simon, Director of MOSS Clubs.

Make Our Schools Safe, a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization, is dedicated to safeguarding students and teachers within the school environment. Their mission empowers students and staff to actively participate in    creating a culture of safety and vigilance, exemplified through the Make Our Schools Safe Clubs. Collaborating with high-level security advisors, the foundation imparts crucial survival information, ensuring preparedness during emergencies.

As SOFLO Ninja Academy diligently works towards   opening its doors, Parkland and Coral Springs residents, irrespective of age or athletic background, are invited to join this exciting journey. The gym promises a fresh concept, a change of pace, and an invitation for all to become American Ninjas.

Stay tuned for updates on the opening date as the community eagerly becomes a part of the SOFLO family!

For more information. Visit or call 954-876-1378. email: Facebook: sofloninja, Instagram: sofloninjaacademy, TikTok: sofloninja

Broward’s Ultimate Fitness & Entertainment Destination


Broward’s Ultimate Fitness & Entertainment Destination

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