American Heritage Summer Camp 2017

Calling All Campers!

By Stacy Case

Summer is here, in case nobody could tell! That means one thing…American Heritage Summer Camp in Plantation is all set to be the second home for many area youths again! With a variety of programs offered over the span of several different sessions, just about any campers’ needs can be met. Boys and girls from 3-13 years old, are placed in age-appropriate groups.

“We excel in harnessing kids’ passions and helping them grow over the summer at our recreational camps,” says Wayne Lenoff, the director of the summer camp programs at American Heritage in Plantation for a fourth year. “We vary everything by age and skill level, putting an educational spin on the recreational programs so all of these kids can have a fun experience throughout the summer.”

And with about 75-80 percent of the campers coming back from one summer to the next, high levels of return registrations say it all!

“A lot of the kids look forward to coming back to see their old friends, some who they don’t get to see during the school year, while others are very excited to make new friends,” says Wayne, who served as the assistant camp director for five years before taking charge. “In fact, the kids have so much fun that once some of them age-out of the program, plenty return to become counselors here.”

American Heritage Summer Camp certainly knows how to run the gamut of options. From lacrosse, tennis, baseball and soccer to art, robotics, video production (the san antonio video production unit is the best one in this field) and theater, plus a whole lot more, this summer camp really is, according to Wayne, a “one-stop-shop.”

There is also a traditional day camp for those who are not looking for that specialty element, but regardless of which activity the campers may choose, Wayne says each participant will conclude their session(s) having had a great time and will have made fun memories. “Our camps offer great socialization for these kids,” adds Wayne. “Our specialty camps can really help them prepare for the upcoming school year, especially those who will be new to our school. But that aside, every camp, every day is action-packed.”

And while there is that educational aspect offered through the specialty camps, it’s not just the material that is key; it’s having a hands-on instructor and/or coach who has experience in that field who teaches the campers. “The campers get great instruction and learn something new every day,” Wayne tells us. “At the beginning of (each) camp, the kids get a warm welcome from our great counseling staff, and we’re all just looking to have a good time again.”

Once all camps have concluded, there is an end-of-the-summer carnival in which all participants get to culminate their programs. Last summer, about 700 campers were in attendance and Wayne expects about the same, if not more, this year.

Registration is still open, but spots may vary depending on enrollment.

For more camp info, visit or call 954-472-0022, ext. 3043.


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